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  1. heres some new pics of my loverly bike
  2. yea but dont list the yzf r125 mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i have just sold those bits you so unlucky the bolke came ove and snapped them up
  4. i did this temporaly and the engine did not seem right so i put it back on, but did the yamaha techs say it was ok to do or was it dangerous to the engine? also what in power gain did or does it give
  5. god those are old school lol
  6. thats deffo brands hatch people
  7. ringadingding

    r125 parts

    i have the fairings you want mate they are in silver
  8. ringadingding

    r125 parts

    the decals you can get from yamaha or get them made i left mine off
  9. ringadingding

    r125 parts

    i dont have a nose cone but have white side panels and silver bits too
  10. WHAT!!!! you are kidding me you should have saved up for your bike test kinell
  11. how much did the 5 position cdi unit cost
  12. ringadingding

    YZF R125

    i wanna have this done as it is frustrating because you know the bike can do it so please hurry lol.
  13. ringadingding

    YZF R125

    wht is the derestriction then?
  14. ringadingding

    r125 parts

    front fender in black(tiny corner broke) but easy repair £30.00 front fender in yellow mint condition £50.00 silver under tray £50.00 both sides silver side fairings £40.00 both sides outer side fairings in white £40.00 both sides front wheel and tyre with disc on £20.00 front head lights £60.00 the pair front wheel speed sensor £40.00 a few other bits but if interested please mail me
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