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  1. g-funk


    lol @ bovril, no i can't say that I was, but still very disturbing. Thanks for your replies and support through this truely harrowing ordeal
  2. g-funk


    last night I dreamt i had a harley davidson dreams can be cruel, cruel things!!!!!!
  3. g-funk

    my fz6 fazer s2

    Very nice indeed. I like the look of them pretty much as they are but definitely a belly pan, and I like the look of clear rear lenses, simple but looks good in my book
  4. g-funk

    Fazer fz6

    cheers mate, could you give me any info though, such as whether it might be a bit much for practically a beginner or any problems they are prone to etc? anything would be useful, thanks.
  5. g-funk

    Fazer fz6

    hey all, Im currently riding a 125 and will obviously be looking to upgrade once passing my test. My point is that I have been thinking about getting a fazer fz6, however I wanted to know whether this would be too much bike for me as a first 'big' bike or would it be a perfectly viable option? cheers G
  6. it really pi##es me off to hear about little w#nkers doing this kinda thing. and for the sake of a clutch lever as well!! hope the rest of your bike is ok mate
  7. g-funk

    yzf r125

    hello everyone, just joined the forum. looks like a good active forum here wit some friendly people. Right here we go, im currently only on a cbt license and so obviously can only ride a 125 and I've been tryin to find out about the yzf r125 thats coming out soon, my main concern is whether it would be too small as i am 6' 3/ 6'4. also does anybody know any speed figures etc about it? and can it be derestricted for after ive passed my test or is the max power available the 15 hp it comes as? hope someone out there can give some answers, cheers. G
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