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Compatibility between starter Idlers? Help Me


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I recently got a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. It's missing a starter Idler, which I finally found whilst taking the bike apart trying  to diagnose why it wouldn't start. I have access to parts from a 2006 R6. So my question is, are the parts Compatible? The part numbers, are all the same except for the first 2 digits, but both parts look identical from a image perspective. Does anyone know if these bikes are compatible though? The 2009 Idler part number is 20S-15512-00, but the R6 part number I want to see if it will fit is 2C0-15512-00... Is there a big difference between 20S and 2C0??? Or will it work? I'm on a budget so if I am able to use the 2C0 on my FZ6R I will be happy saving a buck and a half at least on this. The bike was a fixer upper. And thats one of the last thing needed to get it going.



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I'd give it a go. make sure it mics out with thicknesses and lengths etc.

nothing to lose really

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