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can not message anyone


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Well, I'd have to do a bit of digging on the rules for joining the forum, but..:

From memory, messaging and adverts are controlled by a couple of things.

1/ Length of time in...

2/ Number of posts...

3/ Membership type...


Although you've been here a 'while', you've only made two posts (one of which I can't find... (but we had some server issues the other week so that may be the cause)).
And you're on a free account.

I believe messaging will open up for you once you're more active on the site.

It's possible the ads will never entirely go away unless you sub to the forums (it's not a lot per year, and it gets you discounted insurance...).

Alex will probably have more information.

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hi, i'm a full paid member and i messaged with Alex when he was on holiday and he told me to join up again for free and he'd sort it when he got back. I can not now message any one and the only way to communicate is through a post.

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You mean this is a second account?
Yeah, that's beyond my abilities here, it will have to wait till Alex gets back.

I'll send him a link to this...

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