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Is it possible to fit a kill switch to a yamaha ybr 125?

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I dropped my ybr the other day when I released the clutch too quickly with the throttle up too high at a gravel parking lot.

The starter switch fell out and the pin disappeared. I'm therefore jumping it with the spring at the moment. PITA :)

Not being content with the fact it doesnt have a kill switch, which is slightly annoying when stopping at long lights as the ignition is a bit janky and the key doesnt turn beautifully, I am hoping to install one tomorrow. I have bought one which has five wires which have no indication of what they do.

I could really use some help!


Thanks in advance.

IMG-20211010-WA0042 (1).jpeg

Bit out of focus but it displays the wiring colours.

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Truthfully, why would you want one?

The only time i'd use a killswitch over just turning the key I guess would be if I broke down at the side of the road at night - and even then - your lights will not last long on the 7Ah battery.

You can just stall the engine out if you want your dipped headlight to stay on (once engine starts, mine comes on).

You can probably get a replacement switch unit from a breakers/eBay, or just retrofit a switch from eBay as you've got. If the switch doesn't document what wires do what then you'll need to work it out with a multimeter!

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