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YBR 125 front brake lever not going far back enough to shut off brake light

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I've recently purchased a YBR125 and after being flashed by a few motorists I've realised there's an issue with the brake light. When triggered by the rear brake there's no issue, it goes on and off in time with the brake. However, when the front lever is depressed then released, the light will stay on, unless I push the lever just slightly further so it hits the brake light switch enough to trigger the light off.


This seems like it shouldn't be too big of a repair, however because the guy I purchased it from is conveniently ill, I was wondering if there's an adjustment I can make to sort this (if only temporarily)?


Thanks all.


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Not sure but most brake switches have some adjustment room.

The first thing to figure out is whether it's staying on because the lever is leant on the switch at rest, or whether there's a fault with the switch...

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