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Blinker Issue with Virago XV250


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I was riding today, much better than Stay At Home, and my Right directional started flashing faster than normal. I assumed it was a burned out bulb, so when I got home I pull the lens off and checked pulled the bulb. The continuity was okay on both filaments, so I swapped in a different bulb and that didn't work either. So I got out my meter and I have NO power on the socket contact for the flasher filament. The Left side and the Right Rear are all working fine, it is just the Right Front flasher.
So, before I start pulling things further apart, I figured I would ask if there is anything anyone thinks I should know ? I don't think it is the relay, as I think it drives both sides, and a socket all of a sudden failing that way is rare, so .... ANY ideas ?


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Start with the easiest check, take the left hand side indicator and swap the connections, (they will be together in the headlight, dark green and a dark brown likely with a common earth) so its plugged into the right hand side.

If the indicator is ok the problem should swap sides, then you will have to look deeper.

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