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FJ1200 help will not run

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 I need help with 1991  FJ1200  Starts with choke and dies immediately in 30 to 60 seconds and TACHOMETER only moves about 50 to 100 RPM   ,, NOT even 1000 RPM .   been sitting for 3 years do to my bad health , now I am better . rebuilt HYD clutch and brakes because started leaking brake fluid . NEW battery . Pulled cards and tried to rebuild them after it would NOT stay running . REBUILD did NOT help .  I was told if tachometer does not work then it has ELETC. problem but ,,,,,,, WHAT problem ??

Thank You

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I am no auto electrician, but does the ignition system on the bike have a ballast resistor or a ballast resisting type set up? 

I re-call having a car that would run so long as the key was turning the starter, once the key was released to the run position the engine would die, 

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