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  1. Hi all, I dont post much since selling my FZR600R but a mate has a dilemma, he bought this.... Thinking it was for a different bike and now is wondering what it IS for? Its been suggested that its for the FJR1300 as per the pic below... But the 2 pics do seem very similar and weve pretty much concluded its from a Yamaha but which one? The 2nd pic does look very similar but we cant help thinking its not the same one... Any thoughts peeps. Paul.
  2. Thought I may as well chip in my ten pence worth.... Prior to my current bike, a '94 FZR600R Foxeye only other bike I actually owned was a Honda MT50 when i was 16 so I cant really comment on bikes Ive ridden and which makes I prefer etc. So I guess you could say when I passed my test 5 weeks ago the FZR was the right priced bike at the right time however one thing attracted me to it other than the price being right and that was that from my point of view it is a very rare bike. I understand it was only made for 3 years after the original FZR and before the Thundercat but I have NEVER seen another one like mine on the road. I go up on a hill with a cafe with friends and see loads of CBR's, ZX7R's and the like but nothing like mine ever turns up and THAT is what drew me to mine. Plus I have to the R6 and R1 and simply legendary bikes.......however ive never ridden either....anyone fancy letting a rider with 5 weeks experience take one for a blast?????????? Thought not lol :wink:
  3. Cheers guys, will give it a try, just got a tank cam gimble for the bike so I will be focused on getting some decent footage with that for a while... May even get some good clips of morons in cars cutting me up, if I do i'l post them so we can all curse at them lol Paul.
  4. All, I know I shouldnt be asking for encouragement with this BUT me and my best mate who rides an S plate GSXR600(yes I know dont insult it lol) have been taking a bit of footage of each other riding, nothing spectacular but because I have quite an expensive digital camera he wants to get a shot of us both popping a wheelie, not one of those 30 second ones you see on clips but just enough for a decent photo of us both with the front wheel in the air. My question is this, I cannot seem to get the front end up on my FZR600R at all, at least not using the technique that he uses. I appreciate that I am an unexperienced rider though. His technique is to ride along in 1st, open it up, close the throttle and then wang it open again, lifting the front off enough to show on film. I cannot get mine off the ground even a bit using this method and neither can he using my bike. I appreciate that the Gixxer may have a different spread of power but I was wondering if anyone can give me any ideas as too how to achieve it on my bike? P.S. This will be performed on some private land not the public highway lol Paul.
  5. pjones_po


    Im amazed that they actually think we are that stupid we would not spot the changing of the road bikes to the disguised smaller cross bikes and back again, was seamless I have to say NOT! lol All I can say is if I can buy an RSV and do 160plus on the road and go offroading as well then I definately want me one of those! lol
  6. Please please people, Im 27 and been single for 7 months, my waining libido cant handle these comments.....lol Or is it just im a bitter, twisted, undersexed young bloke.....? I think its the second...DOH! :wink: P.
  7. No s**t Xtreme, he came past me on a bend on the slip road to a local motorway at about 135 while I was sat there doing 80. I looked at thought "not a chance mate" lol I at least have sensibility on my side lol
  8. Oh I will do trust me mate lol Just need a new race can for it, the Micron ive got on it sounds a bit like a hoover but I have been told I'll need to get it rejetted if I go for a different exhaust. )
  9. Thats true mate, in a straight line i'll keep up with him no troubles but I only passed my test last friday and the sod's got 10years riding experience over me lol Paul.
  10. Guys, thought id chip in on this, some of you have seen my lame ass postings already but here goes..... 26yo geezer from Portsmouth.....Computer Engineer by day....s**t scared FZR600R rider by night trying to keep up with mates GSXR600..... Thats about it! Cheers. Paul.
  11. pjones_po


    Ok ok smart rs point taken lol
  12. pjones_po


    He he thats true mate but the GS500E(snigger) I learnt on had a noticebly sharper rear brake. Maybe it was adjusted for the learners, who knows lol Paul.
  13. All, You were all kind enough to chip about my questions relating to the FZR600R, I have now passed my test and got the bike and love it...however I am finding it hard to find performance parts on the web due to the age of the bike. Anyone know any good websites or numbers of places I can call? Im after a grab rail and a tinted screen in particular.... Cheers in advance. Paul.
  14. pjones_po


    Hi, I bought a 94 FZR600R on Friday after passing my test and have done 117 miles so far and havent noticed any fork issues. I have noticed though that the rear brake doesnt feel very strong. Paul.
  15. Thanks Dai, you'll have to excuse my idiocy.... Im sure I'll learn more as time goes on. Thanks for your patience. Paul.
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