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    Y2K R1(modified slightly) Half a Triumph Tiger and the most crappiest Cagiva Elephant in the world.

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    Bikes, whippets, ferrets and bikes!
  1. N_Tart


    Hello Martin. Welcome to the forum
  2. N_Tart

    N's Birthday

    A whole shiny bike actually. The only trouble is it's only a foot tall and I haven't managed to get both feet on the footpegs at once yet! He sprayed it all up like Barbie bike so it looks like she's had a baby!
  3. A blackbird?? The only people I've seen riding blackbirds weigh at least 20st!
  4. N_Tart

    Bazz is back!!

    Don't worry Bazz I haven't gone completely insane. The Tiger is Cliffy's new commuting tool, I only use when it's raining. That way my bike stays lovely and he has to clean his
  5. N_Tart

    Bazz is back!!

    Shouldn't that be V-Storm?
  6. N_Tart

    Bazz is back!!

    Hello Bazz If you hear any stories about me riding a Gay assed Triumph they're only half true
  7. Hopefully I will be there too
  8. Hello Spon. Welcome to the forum Don't know anything about tmaxs though sorry
  9. N_Tart


    You should come over and watch the piss taking Alex.
  10. N_Tart


    No supposidly about it Tomg, Brighton is officially the gay capital of England. Lots of transvestites too. You have to be careful who you talk to in Brighton coz people aren't always what they seem. Whoever if you like a good laugh at other peoples expense, come down to Bikes of Brighton and watch the "Gay Pride Parade" with me and the boys
  11. N_Tart


    Hello ane welcome
  12. N_Tart

    its my birthday

    Sorry I was late with your birthday wishes Hope you CBT went ok
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