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  1. Veigar

    high beam dt 50

    I haven´t got it working. I cant find the switch to turn the high beam on.
  2. Veigar

    high beam dt 50

    I cant get it legal on roads in Iceland unless I have a high beam and I´ve got it legal
  3. Veigar

    high beam dt 50

    that is what ii was gonna do if i couldnt get the answer on here. i dont really want to do it cuz i use the bike every day there is just the switch for the turn signal and a button for the honk.
  4. Veigar

    DT50 2007

    all i can see on the left handlebar is only the honk, choke and turn signal. and you can just turn the key to switch on the electricity and nothing else
  5. Veigar

    high beam dt 50

    the bulb is good. i just dont know where the switch is.
  6. Veigar

    high beam dt 50

    Does anyone know how to turn on the high beam on dt50 2007?
  7. I think that shortens the lifespawn of the engine a lot
  8. Veigar

    DT50 2007

    How does the high beam work on DT50 2007?
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