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    2x MK1 dt125lc, 2x dt50mx, tzr125, ar125, dt125r , kmx125, tiger cub.

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    80's and early 90's 125cc's
    Shooting and metal detecting.

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  1. Hi, thank you for comments. I have now cleaned a bit more paint off the frame numbers and it appears to me that it has been re stamped, it just doesn’t look right. The frame has quite a few differences to a 2k4 (as stamped) but can’t seem to find a similar frame photo to compre. The is a bulbous nodule on the upright that the radiator frame screws to that is not present on a yz or a Dt. I have photos but can’t see how to upload them.
  2. Hi all, i have recently purchased a Frankenstein dt , thought it was a dt125lc (engine is anyway) but when checking the numbers I find that I can’t identify the year for certain. The frame appears to be a dt175mx but I get differing info for it’s year, and the engine I recognise as a dt125lc but again I cannot seem to accurately date it. I need to obtain a V5 and really need to know the ages involved. If the frame is 175mx then the engine will be changed for a more appropriate one, but would still be nice to know the engine age as well as frame if possible. frame number. 2k400612**. Last two numbers hidden for obvious reasons. engine number. 2Y50043**. Again last two hidden If anyone can provide any info on this I would really appreciate it. I have contacted Yamaha but no response.
  3. Hi I am near ilminster only about 10 miles from Taunton. Nice, mine are all stored in workshop loft so difficult to photo but will do when they have their run out. All I have downstairs are 2x dt50mx , one 1988 nearly finished to rideable standard for my soon to be 16yr old and one basket case that I bought a couple of days ago,1982, to restore fully.
  4. I give them a run out every now and then just to keep everything lubed up but my real enjoyment comes from the restoration side of things. Most of my bikes started as real basket cases that should have been broke long ago but I like the challenge and satisfaction of bringing them back to their former glory. Ps. I have a lot of time on my hands.
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forum. Although I don't ride nowadays I have a collection of 80's Jap bikes that I play with. At present I am restoring a 1988 dt50mx for my lad and am wondering if anyone could tell me if it should have round or rectangular indicators ? I think the latter is correct but not 100% on this. Many thanks.
  6. Hi and thanks for the add. I am 45 and live in Somerset. My riding days are pretty much behind me now so instead i tend to collect 80's 125cc. I have 2x DT125LC mk1 ,DTR125 ,TZR125, AR125, DT50MX and am on the look out for a RD125LC to add to the set. At present I am restoring the DT50MX for my lad to ride when he comes of age, enjoying the memories that are flooding back whilst do this. Anyway that's me folks.
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