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  1. Southport and Rivington Barn in the past couple of weeks .
  2. Got my money back. Found a replacement.
  3. I’ve decided to go for the refund and find a new bike. I’ll keep an eye on that breaker for future smaller jobs.
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice, and that breaker is not far from me Drewpy. I’ll let you know what I decide, but I’m edging towards getting my money back. As Cynic said it probably started out as a dud, and I don’t want a world of pain trying to resurrect it. thanks Phil
  5. Thanks Blackhat, It’s a bit moist in Mcr too!️
  6. Hi everyone, Its my first day in the club. I’ve posted a request for help in the custom forum. I hope someone can help. Phil
  7. Hi Drewpy,

    I’ve just joined the forum and am looking for some advice. I posted in the custom forum about a problem I have with my XVS650 dragstar bobber.
    The dealer I bought it from has told me the engine is partially seized and needs replacing and he will refund me. I really like the bike and would like to keep it and have it fixed . Is there anywhere in Manchester who you could recommend for a reliable and fair prices rebuild? Thanks Phil

  8. Hi everyone I have just bought a dragstar XVS650 bobber but it cut out on me after 10 miles. The dealer who sold it to me took it back and told me the engine is partially seized and it needs a new one! They will refund me in full under warranty, and take it back, but I still want it. Another option is to keep the bike at a reduced price and have it repaired but I don’t have the skills to rebuild or replace the engine. Does anyone know a good bike garage in the north west who would take this on and is reliable ?
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