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  1. I have a project thread on SaabScene and SaabCentral. It's going to be a looonnng fix-up. It still won't drive but I did get it running at the beginning. Electrical issues now. https://www.saabscene.com/forum/threads/249954-1994-9000-CDE-NT-Project Here's a couple of shots from when I was looking at it. 4-cyl, non-turbo, 5-speed CD model. It was a $200USD impulse purchase. Inoperable clutch, no battery, but the owner was a mechanic and said it sat for 4 years after running with a busted clutch. The interior is horrid. I will be spending a LOT of time and hopefully not too much cash over the next few years. It will be a nice car for the girls to learn on and drive when it's all done. I have twin daughters so they get to fight over who will drive it on the weekends.
  2. Pack Rat.. Finally got around to purging the 'ole shop. I removed about 2 pick-up truck loads of junk so far and still have a big mess of a bench to clean up and shelving with stuff I'll never use. This is where the XJ will live and I suppose I get to split the tools up between the two work areas. The Saab 9000 will be coming into the main garage soon for continuation of that project a BIT closer to home, without the dyno and airport noise and on a more regular basis. It will need most of the tools considering Saab likes to use every metric fastener size and type on the planet.
  3. Waiting on new clutch plates to rebuild the clutch and then I will be re-tuning with the colortune and doing another sync with the gauges. The stack looked good (apart from the friction discs) until I unstacked it. A few were black from being burnt up so I decided to just put all new discs and plates in the clutch. Less worry about something blowing apart.
  4. Getting there. The chain is WAY too long. Going to have to cut it. So much for model-specific fitment.
  5. Absolutely! That was late at night with the garage door closed. I forgot the ear muffs. Pipes are temporarily back on after ripping up the gaskets and collars to get the system apart. There is so little clearance you have to install the exhaust in 3 pieces to get it to fit. Needless to say it was the original system and the copper gaskets were happily married to both pieces at every joint. Hammer and chisel were required for a few divorces. Looks like I may be running it as-is for a while. I won't spend $1000 on a new exhaust system. The collector is in good shape thank goodness so I just need decent header pipes and maybe 2 new mufflers at some point. I can work on carb sync and tuning now properly and without going deaf. I still have to balance the rear wheel and get the rest of the bike back together.
  6. Waiting on new cylinder donut seals for the oil galleys. Both leaked during oiling and compression re-testing. Hopefully this will be the LAST time this engine comes back apart.
  7. Bent an exhaust valve blocking the valve to get a shim out. It's back apart again, new valve installed. There is oil in the head gasket after oiling the cam gallies before disassembly this time. I swear this thing wants to end up being a boat anchor.
  8. Engine top-end is back together. Compression is low on all 4 but holding it. Looks like I have to reshim it again since the rings are holding the pressure. Refined coconut oil wipe downs work well. Abosrbs in, no residue. Will continue until it won't absorb any more.
  9. I've threatened to part it out 3 times now... I hate these pistons. My expenses grow, but not the project progress. This is the 4th time one has slipped out and bent beyond re-use.
  10. 24-hour heavy soak in Armor All and then a rub-n-rinse in hot water. Pliable and soft again. A LOT of dirt came out of the pores, the protectant/cleaner did a good job cleaning without breaking the vinyl down. Another 24-hour soak is in progress to restore some more of the plasticizers, then I'll apply either lanolin or vinyl conditioner to seal it all and let it fully dry before buffing it out. I'm hoping it'll look like shiny new leather! Looks like I'll need one repair on the tail for staples, but it'll be hidden. The rest is good to go for re-install, with a little jute padding on the top of the seat foam. The brown color is from the cleaner in the pores. As the vinyl dries it returns to black.
  11. Seat pan and foam are in great shape. Keeping it. The seat cover split at the passenger riser panel. Hand stitched it back together, double-stitch. Added some 3M yellow goo and new vinyl to take the stretch stress off the panel seam.
  12. Front brake has new pads and new fluid. No leaks. Fuse box finally starting causing issues with the clips breaking. This will work for now.
  13. Power House caliper piston rebuild kit is done. Need new pads, though.
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