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  1. Front brake has new pads and new fluid. No leaks. Fuse box finally starting causing issues with the clips breaking. This will work for now.
  2. Power House caliper piston rebuild kit is done. Need new pads, though.
  3. Headlight bucket has been buffed outside and treated inside for rust. Shined up nicely. The throttle control assembly has been rebuilt and painted as well.
  4. The turn signal switch was acting up when I was testing the electrical re-install. I guess broken solder joints on the slider would cause problems. Went ahead and refreshed the wire contact joints on all the parts. Have to do the other half next and then toss some paint on the housing.
  5. The XJ 550 Maxim does. I don't know if the 650 or 750 does, I've not looked at the parts diagram.
  6. Since the engine work is on hold I finished up the carb rebuild and reassembly. I had a struggle to get a good butterfly and proper shaft for #1. Most of the butterfly screws stripped or sheared off. I either ended up ruining the threads drilling out the screws or destroying the butterfly trying to get it out of the damaged shaft slot. I managed to get all the pieces needed back in place and even got the plugs out of the idle mix screw tubes and cleaned the idle mix screws. The o-rings were skinny plastic discs instead of o-rings so they needed to be replaced a long time ago. Some shiny new screws here and there will finish it off before it goes back on. Time for wet set and bench sync/adjustments.
  7. I managed to get 3 of the 4 carbs rebuilt. One needs to have the bowl painted still. Dunno how I ended up with 3 rights and 1 left. #4 has paint curing. Hope to have the rack reassembled this weekend. The engine rebuild is on hold until funds allow for new rings and cylinder O-rings.
  8. Project on hold due to funds.
  9. Engine is back apart. Cam shims are all over the place in spec. Gonna have to try a few bucket/shim combinations before I order a bunch of 240/245/250/255 shims. #4 rings were stuck polishing up 2 vertical spots. #3 was stuck as well but nothing showed on the cylinder walls. Looks like I get to pull the pistons, clean the ringlands and re-ring the pistons again.
  10. Starter rebuilt It's back on rubber again. Just need to tweak the fork tubes and tighten it all down.
  11. Well that explains where the assembly lube was coming from. The shop crane incident actually did have a casualty. A used one is on the way and I have spare gaskets luckily.
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