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  1. Many thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try.
  2. I have a 2014 YBR 125 and have just had it fixed because there was no power getting to the dash or ignition, despite the battery being fully charged and ok (apparently it was a dry joint in the wiring!?). However, after getting it fixed and starting it a few times, when I try to start it now, it just spins electrically (figure of speech) but doesn't kick into life. I then get the engine management light giving 1 long flash and 9 short flashes, which I am told is error code 19. Can anyone give me any advice on how to fix this problem please?
  3. I'm new to the forum and bikes and own a 2014 YBR125. I'm having some electrical problems with my bike and hope someone can help with a bit of advice?
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