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  1. Sorry to revisit an ancient thread. Did you have any joy on finding an air filter? I'm in the same situation now with my 1976 V50P. It looks the same as the ones for a Yamaha U7 but don't want to waste my money if it won't fit.
  2. Hi. I've just found this forum. I've recently purchased a 1976 Yamaha V50P moped. I didn't really know they existed until about a month ago. I bought it off eBay on a whim. I love the bike. It's a characterful little 2 stroke and attracts positive comments all the time. I could do with replacing the air filter and mistakenly assumed it was the same fitment as the FS1E. They're different. Can anyone direct me to a good source of OEM/ pattern parts for a V50? Also, is the V50/V75/V90 similar to the U70 model? Are parts interchangeable?
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