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  1. Am I seeing this right ? £15.99 for the camera ? Bloody bargain !
  2. Hi Martyn I've looked for a case but with no luck. But I have found a site that may solve your problem. http://www.instructables.com/id/Modify-a-Mini-B-USB-Cable-to-Power-an-Enclosed-GoP/ Hope this helps JD
  3. Hi Trev Welcome to YOC Your speedo should be accurate, but on a 50 you shouldn't have to worry about your speed too much. JD
  4. I use a cover, a moisture absorber, grease the bike up and once a fortnight ,start the bike up and leave it running for around 20 minutes. But except for that, that's all I do. (Same goes for my Dads FZ8)
  5. I know this sounds weird but try putting a metal scourer in your exhaust. Worked on my old Aprilia
  6. Hi Ant Can you put this in the Bar Section ? You're more likely to get a response there.
  7. Hi Martyn From what I can tell they should work and shouldn't use too much power from your battery. As it is an US company you may have to look at reviews from people with similar bikes as they may not fit your bike. I do agree with the Yamaha 125`s lights, the lights on my MT are terrible at night Hope this helps JD
  8. On the 30th of September 2016, Aces Café will be holding a special bike night event where you can win tickets to Santa Pod Raceway, is anyone interested in going ? Ill hopefully be there as I now have a bike capable of keeping up with traffic I`d be nice to meet some of you lot Details (For those interested): Meet Name: Bike Night + Performance & Fast Bike 6pm Start Time: 06:00 PM End Time: 11:00 PM Location: London iCalendar version of the event: iCal Meet Details: Win a pair of tickets to Extreme Performance Bike Weekend at Santa Pod Spend £5 or more over the counter and receive a raffle ticket Draw at 10pm Ace Cafe London Ace Corner North Circular Road Stonebridge London NW10 7UD Hopefully see some of you there JD
  9. Hi MT Just be careful with the tank (If it`s a matt finish) It can scratch easily. I use muc-off nano tech bike cleaner on my MT125 and it works a treat . For cleaning the front and rear wheels, I use WD40 but just be careful not to get any on the tires. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions just give me a shout. JD
  10. You`re not the only one that has this problem Then people come out with the same BS excuse. "Sorry I didn't see you" "How can I see you if you`re going so fast?" It doesn't help having L plates either because people find that an excuse to complain at you... Twats... One of the more humorous yet silly encounters was coming home from a bike meet and some muppet was brake checking me, I over took and realised the person had one foot out the window, was texting with both their hands and using their elbows to steer....
  11. Yeah sorry it was a long day at work A bike that will fit within A2 Licence regulations.
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