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  1. Hi, Can't access the wanted in classified section so... has anyone got a front right indicator lens for a YBR 125 2005?? Will pay actual money if you've got one! It's for my son who had a slight crash and broke his little fairing and indicator lens. Thanks, Sarah
  2. Hi Cynic and Tommy xs, Yes, I feel good being able to at least attempt to sort things and my husband is a good teacher, a lot of patience! Felt really frustrated though about not knowing what I don't know. I know I don't like electrics now!!!! Never been to Squires, tell me a bit more, I would be great to meet everyone! Sarah
  3. Hi Cynic..... Not simple to at the beginning as we all tried to find out why no spark... She definitely needed all the new bits etc which we did last week (I'm not that daft that I would buy a lot of new stuff I didn't need) All good, she started......Husband went away !!! Only needed new gasket and new oil...good to go Then I put the gasket on myself and made a rookie mistake...caught some wires in the casing, husband found the mistake and fixed it Simple mistake at the end but learnt a lot.. bike running sweet, happy times. Sarah
  4. Hi Everyone, I want to thank everyone who helped me with my mystery Virago 125 starting problem. After replacing the gasket on the generator cover, I had inadvertently caught two of the five wires connecting the stator wires to the CDI wires, I had mashed them without realising...I won't do that again in a hurry. Went out to test her today and she started first time and went like a dream. This was after: new reg/rec, fuel pump, CDI, wiring replacement, new oil, spark plugs, all fuses and a new headlight bulb!!! I've learnt a lot just by doing all this stuff and following all your good advice. Ride free!!! Sarah
  5. Hi Cynic, A rookie mistake I think!!! Just frustrated I can't get back on the road, being a beginner and just getting the hang of it all and now no blooming bike I never thought that I would be so upset Thanks for the advice though Cheers, Sarah
  6. Hi Mr Tone... Yes, couldn't find one anywhere else....it's blown already...no spark again!! Back to square 1 At least I put my new gasket on and stopped the oil leak Has anyone got a source for another CDI?? Fed up now!! Thanks, Sarah
  7. Hi Everyone... After buying a new CDI igniter from China...started first time! BUT a bit of a burning smell came from the unit. All still works though....have I still got a problem? Still can't use it at the moment cos of faulty gasket on generator cover...oil leaked out, got a new one BUT Husband away working.... so is this something I can do on my own ? I will need to take off the gear lever and peg etc? Any advice very welcome...all your experience is appreciated Sarah
  8. Thanks Guys, I live near Guisborough North Yorkshire, don't know if there is a map to show where everyone lives. We tested the white wires from the stator and checked all connections, all seem fine. Going to get a replacement CDI and see if anyone's got another 125 Virago to test it against
  9. Hey Slice, Thanks for that!!! Yes it is very time consuming me and him indoors spent all day yesterday checking everything. Seems that the brain box is faulty (CDI) Going to try to find a replacement!!!
  10. Hi Noise, Thanks for the kind offer ...we're way up north, could do with a fresh pair of eyes though but!!! Rogue spark was from split HT lead which we have cut back and fixed the problem Checked ALL electrics for resistance again this morning...all are OK, we're stumped! We have ordered a new CDI unit from China in the hope that this will solve the problem as we can't figure out what else it could be. Cheers, Sarah PS she ran OK before everything went melty!
  11. Hi Everyone, Stator works fine, resistance fine, still nothing!!
  12. Here is Ruby, very naughty as her electrics are in a big mess. She got me to the Farmyard Party two weeks ago but then blew all the fuses,,,currently trying to fix her with help of trusty husband and all the good people here at YOC
  13. Hi Airhead, Can't get a manual for the 125, Will check resistance tomorrow, though. Did open up to see stator (magnet thingy?) to check the three white wires from the CDI...all OK Now I know where that majigga is situated!!! Learning everyday!!
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