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  1. Thats a great idea. I like it. Im game. Not very experiance but to see some of my builds who cares. My brain never shuts down and im full of ideas and can figure out about anything outside of the internal motor itself. My confidence aint been there yet lol. FAIRFIELD CA
  2. Goodevening fellas. I was first hopeing im writeing this in the proper place of the forum and second hopeing somebody could maybe coach me along a lil bit on some things in here seems im the new guy. Like something simple as posting a pic. Seems i can go thru all the motions but the pic just wont load on the page... anybody else seem to have issue with that ? I believe the pics im attempting to load are to big cuz it says here 0.49mb max size for what ever the hell that means
  3. Were im from. Hmmm yea i reckin i do talk funny to some but is what it is lol. Ima mix bread of sorts ya could say. I was raised in the big city life in california half my life and then had a colture clash to git away and then stay the second half of my life in the woods of the deep south. Carolina that is... and now im back in cali again back where i started. Im now 43 and got my first full time ride. Not that i finally saved up and bought one yeah right i just got sick of sayin maybe next year for 20 str8 years so i just built one of my brothers broke down old bikes... damn still wont let me post a pic :/ well that just sucks donkey ballz caz shes one bad ass mofo too.. thanks for the welcomes fellas
  4. Hey fallas, not to highjack a conversation but ive been baffled by a simular issue that me and my homies have no answers for reguarding a bike that has not run in a year and i finally got her runnin for bout 5 mins and cut her off a few mins later i got a puddle of oil under the bike and it was running out from a hole in the airbox that the ai. Only one place it could have come from and thats the carbs but how in the hell does the carbs spit up motor oil is beyonf the limits of my understanding. 81xj 650 btw
  5. Str.

    virago Exhaust

    Well sir im not sure how lose they are of if at all theres a differance by ive got a complete exuast from a 91virago. Every piece of it....
  6. Well shiiiot, wat up fellas. My name is Str. (stir) and im just Stopin in to say hello seems how i just signed to the club mostly to git my foot in the door of a forum where ppl talk yamaha, kick some knowlage and and to generally see what other ppl have do to or with their bikes. Personally not haveing a clue what i was doing i tore down a old XJ 750 R SECA down to the frame and rebuilt it as a hardtail chopper/bobber fabricating all my own parts cuz i was broke as hell, haveing no job at the time so i had nothing but time on my hands so i focased all my attn on that bike for months.Some say i was possesed hahahaa. I was highly interested, motovated, and focases is what i was and had an image in my head all my life and it was finally time to let it out so yeah you can say the rest of the world didnt much matter until i was finished and she came out a million times better then i ever could have dreamed of.... now im in the middle of build number 2 cuz i sad such a good time buliding my first bike at age 40 and at age 40 im focased on comfort and rackin up miles not just to look cool.... ill have to figure out how to post some pics cuz it aint allowing me to do so at the moment. Until then fells, peace
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