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  1. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Paint

    Hi Neo thanks for the reply and the link. I will ask the chap who is painting it to investigate.
  2. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Paint

    Hi all I am nearing the end of my build and I need to get the paintwork re-sprayed. Took the parts to a local painter who upon checking said the paint was a "candy red" but possibly mixed with silver. This was a process done at the factory and would be difficult to reproduce. Does anyone have any ideas please. The bike is a 1981 xs250 uk spec.
  3. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    Anyone out there know where to get spares (rebuild kit) for Mikuni BS32 carbs. Bike is all back together but not running well. Also name of a reliable chrome plating company in the UK that someone has used and can recommend. Many thanks.
  4. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    They are on order, the two connectors you see in the picture were put on in 1982 when the bike was new and had a top box fitted. The wires are for the rear indicators that were moved. One issue with that was I didn't have the damper fitting so I had to source from eBay. When I get the mudguard back I will wire in the back light using the correct 3.9mm bullet connectors. The cost of the chrome is not vastly different than the cost of replacing, then of course it wouldn't be original. As I have never done this before its a learning curve and maybe at the end I could pass on knowledge to someone else. My other XS250 was a different story it was a cheap runner that I tidied up and worked out how to get it to start. Pictures of before and now to follow.
  5. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    Thanks for the comments and the advice. I have noted the piont about the electrics. My aim is to keep everything original if I can which means having nearly all the brightwork re-chromed what’s your opinion on this.
  6. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    Just a couple to start with.
  7. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    BB code that's new to me, my problem I think is my membership has expired and I cant find a way to renew my subscription. Have done Flickr and worked out how to upload but program won let me, no error or explanation I have sent a couple of messages to Alex and am awaiting a reply. Thanks for you assistance.
  8. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    nearly there, what is the group called in Flickr please
  9. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    wish I could I've got dozens of them but I cant seem to post on this site. I am a member but can not renew my subscription, any help on that would be useful.
  10. YDS7Paul

    XS250 Restoration

    Hi all hope your well and keeping busy. I have been working on a new project for a few months now and would value your opinions. The bike is a 1981 Yamaha XS250 which is not too exciting but the thing that attracted me was its only done 52 miles from new ! After collecting the bike I changed the plugs, put fresh petrol in and hooked up a battery.......it started and ran perfectly. I then switched it off and took it to pieces completely, every last nut, washer and bolt. All the chrome has or will be renewed, the frame blasted and re-sprayed the forks overhauled with stanchion's chromed and reground. The engine cleaned and polished and the electrics cleaned and checked. The only issues I had was the rear brake linings had come away from the shoes and there were 4 broken bolts that had to be drilled and tapped. There is probably another month or two left to finish and then I need to decide what to do with it. It has never been serviced or had an MOT and as far as I can tell just ridden a couple of times and then just left to rust away.
  11. YDS7Paul

    Vapour Blasting

    Just had a price on the clutch housing cover, that on its own is £25. They cant do the engine complete so I would have to dismantle it and I was hoping to avoid this.
  12. YDS7Paul

    Vapour Blasting

    I am in the South East and have looked up a few firms who do this. Ill take some before and after pics and post them so anyone else thinking of doing this can benefit.
  13. YDS7Paul

    Vapour Blasting

    Hi all hope your well. I have started a new XS250 project and one of my problems is to clean 35 years of corrosion on the aluminium engine covers. Has anyone hear had any experience of vapour blasting. Thanks
  14. YDS7Paul

    Where to get spares

    thank you Ttaskmaster just what I wanted.
  15. YDS7Paul

    New Member

    Hi paul111 just picked up on your post if you do swap the engine I would very interested in parts from the original.