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  1. Yeh pretty valid point I suppose Its not something I've totally thought through just something I thought was already on this forum but must have gotten confused with another forum I've been on How much is it for a membership anyways? I'll probably stick about here awhile as there seems to be some pretty knowledgeable people here and the banter seems better than others I've been on
  2. Might seem odd a new member posting this but I can't remember if it was this forum or another I seen it on? If it wasn't this forum anyone keen for starting one? I know I've got boxes of bits I'll probably never use and will more than likely be chucked in the tip but are more than usable and would give away if postage was covered and I bet a few other members are in the same situation If this is frowned upon ignore my thread ha
  3. Yeh I've seen your xs on the site already like, Alot of bits I like on it! My fzr is an sp version so had adjustable suspension and majority of parts are lightened as standard makes for a pretty decent handling bike in standard form! I got it as a roller and had a 600 engine in it previously but split it for parts a few years ago, it's gonna end up with a thundercat engine squeezed into it along with a gt15 or 17 turbo at sometime down the line just never got free time or cash to get a donar bike bought! Yeh no worries! I dunno if it will get swapped out as of yet, It's got semi decent compression but has been off the road for years so until I get a wiring loom made and a set of coils and my carbs rebuilt I won't know for sure what my plans are I've seen him mention it before! Seem to remember him saying he drove it about 1000 miles over 3 years as it was always broken or something haha Also to everyone else cheers for the welcome! Seems like a friendly site conpared the others I'm on ha
  4. Not that great at introduction threads but I thought I'd stick one up anyways Been a lurker here for ages so thought it was about time I joined up Got a Xs250 late last year for free as a wee winter project to keep me busy so been chipping away at that over winter to keep me busy, Can imagine the state of it for being a free bike! Went for a tracker kinda look, Still got a few bits and bobs to get before I can see if it runs but if it dosnt run I'm thinking of possibly doing an engine swap to a 2 smoker just to have something that could be enjoyable as I've heard the 250s are quite boring bikes to drive haha Nothing set in stone as of yet Will stick pics up when I get some time but there's not all that much too look at right now
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