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  1. Sounds like a good idea! Anything to save me money lol. I have a disc lock but the key snapped last week and locksmith couldn't get it out but going to get a new one Thursday
  2. Welcome fellow YBR Rider
  3. I come off my bike for the first time not to long back.. Was raining heavily so I shouldn't of went out but no other choice.. My little tyre hit a stone and took me off at about 20... I skidded a good distance but without the full gear I paid for my knee and right side would off been a mess. I am dreading the summer but safety comes first
  4. Yambits doesn't deal with ybr models for some reason
  5. The steering lock is fine, he didn't get time to snap it. So would it not make much difference if I get genuine or ebay parts?I don't really want to void my warranty with no genuine parts though
  6. Very lucky indeed.. could off rode off with it too, you can start it with a flat head screwdriver now haha. No the security guard was to busy on his fking laptop to look at the security panel. It was parked next to management office and clock in doors so a number of people could of spooked him But if the alarm was armed he would of got stopped.
  7. I hope this in the right section. So just another Friday at work looking forward for 2pm to come and leave for easter before my dreaded shift to change from days to nights. 2pm comes and I clock out. I approach my bike and turn the alarm off later I realise I forgot to arm it..(Found out the auto-arm featute does not work lol) and take off the chain. I go to put my key in and this is what I seen.. http://imgur.com/qaEMMj1 Instantly I was angry and decided to speak to security. His response was I didn't see anything mate sorry.. Nice to know my company employs competent staff.. Anyways CCTV is poor quality and you can see a guy come through the gates and quickly got spooked by something or someone and ran off. A camera caught him jumping into a van outside of the gates. I don't get how there's always some selfish c***s who want to spoil something what we work hard and graft for just to fill there coffers. Police have done nothing and didn't even give me a call back after saying they would. Not surprised though. Going to cost my about £230 (Genuine Parts) including labour charges to replace everything to use one key.. How easy would this be to fix myself to avoid having to pay £50 worth of labour and would it be worth looking into buying an aftermarket set?
  8. Awesome! Thread repair kits only about 30quid off eBay match. Thanks mate
  9. Will I need to make a new thread after for the bolt to bite?
  10. Thanks for both your replies. Sorry I didn't explain more. The hex head of the bolt is fine but the thread is stripped so the bolt is just spinning. I can drill the bolt out but will I need to make a new thread for the replacement bolt? I imagin
  11. Hello. I went to remove my panels so I could clean the grime and bird s**t which dribbled down the back of my panel (Air Filter Element side) but when I did, the bolt has threaded and I can't remove it... The panel has been removed a few times when I got my alarm/immobilser fitted and did notice the panel weren't sitting flush against hole. Wondering whats the best was to remove the bolt without damaging the panel and will the plastic where the bolt goes in have to be changed or re threaded? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone. My names Mikey, I'm 21 and live in Coventry. I've been meaning to sign up on here for months to get advice if it was ever needed but only just got round to doing it.. I own a YBR125 14Plate bought last July new. I am looking to pass my test by June and hopefully hop on a bigger machine by Christmas. I have a few ideas and starting my research but any advice would be great
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