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  1. Thanks for the replies, probably opting for the GearX one, as its the only vented/removable liner around that price. Just holding off as Amazon want to charge me £7 for delivery, and I can expect it 'around' July 7th if I went through them, so looking elsewhere
  2. I have a YBR, 100mph isn't likely /chuckle Thanks think I'll take gamble on it and post some feedback if it helps
  3. Hello all. I'm after a 'cheap' (sub £50) Summer jacket. I have Armour with my current jacket so just looking for something lightweight and breezy, with fairly decent protection for my commute to work. Maybe I'm asking for the impossible with this budget, but after my CBT in March, I went out and bought a load of winter kit, so now I'm bloody roasting Not sure if I can link (think I can!) but something like "Gearx Aircon Summer Motorcycle Jacket Waterproof CE Protection All sizes" for around £50 seems a good deal, but is it to good to be true? Any ideas would be most welcome!
  4. Oil changed, and alls well (so far). The oil that came out was shocking, not that I'm mechanical, but it was like treacle. I'd have assumed, maybe incorrectly, that a bike with only 600 miles on the clock wouldn't have bad/mucky oil. The bike was purchased in 2013 by the original owner, and has sat around for a long time, but was recently serviced (March). Its possible the oil wasn't changed I guess?
  5. Okay makes sense. I would not have used it, but needed confirmation I wasn't being an idiot, thanks, I'll have to go back. 5L makes sense really, so good shout, didn't think of it.
  6. Sorry, just unsure. I read 'any' 10W/40 will do, but Gear Oil, is this the same as 10W/40 Engine oil?
  7. Picked up some Halfords Motorcycle & Scooter 10W/40 Gear Oil 1ltr. I assume this is okay, the Halfords chap said it was fine, but I took his name and said my wife would be back if I exploded on the A3 on the way to work...
  8. Thanks all, will pop out and swap this out
  9. Hi all. Going to do my first oil change this weekend. I picked up a bottle of Mobil 2000 10W/40 oil from Halfords, but it's not specifically for motorcycles. Will this be okay? I'm assuming it will be fine as I believe any 10W/40 should be okay? Sorry for the silly question.
  10. Thanks for the tips. Orderd a tank protector yesterday, and will look to get some touch up paints today
  11. So started to check the different bulbs etc, and during this process, the light started working, but as if it was not connected, so flashing, then 1/2 flashing, like a loose connection. I turned on the main beam, just for randomness, then off again, and now its working (for the moment). Seems like a loose wire possibly, but not got my Haynes manual yet, so no idea where the connectors go. I believe its capless, as in pure glass, with only the metal connections/wires. No metal sheath etc, just glass. Its a 12v 2w bulb (although the new one sold to me was 12v 5w, which they say is fine)
  12. Hi all. Noticed a few days ago my spanking new bike (almost) has a 1 inch scratch on the tank. Something I must have done getting off the bike, zipper etc. What would be a sensible way to repair this, its down to the metal, an inch long, and 1/2mm wide. Thanks
  13. Inside looks like new, no corrosion or out of place wires. Not tried the bulbs in the other indicator dash yet, will do it in the morning and report back
  14. Righto. So, its never simple is it Replaced the bulb, tested it, failed. I'm assuming now this is more like a relay/wire issue? All other lights on the dash work fine, and the indicators all work, front and back, as does the clicking. Its just the left dash flasher.. Any thoughts? PS forgot to think 'logically'. I will try both bulbs in the working indicator/dash, and vice versa before I make any assumptions.
  15. Its just been serviced, and only 400 miles on the clock, so I'd hoped the chain was fine (I had checked and its well lubed), but I'll have a check on both the chain and the clutch adjustment in the morning. Thanks for the heads up
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