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  1. Never thought about looking in French eBay. cheers Airhead, I will wait for confirmation that it fits then contact them thanks
  2. Sorry my mistake, I meant mine is a 2K4. Balls, being that mine is the later box section swingarm, would that mean the oil reservoir isn't for mine. Oil tanks seem to be like hens teeth, why are they so rare? I dont think I have actually seen any other type other then the one i just bought Although there seems to be a few bits n' bobs in Germany for the later bikes (2K4) thanks
  3. Hello all, im still building up "bits" for my basketcase that is my DT an just received a oil reservoir Only is, i dont know if its the correct type for mine? My bike is a Y2K type. The oil bottle is the triangular type exactly like this is this correct for my bike? thanks
  4. Cheers Airhead Any ideas on a DT125LC ? Supposedly from 1984. My DT is a y2k frame/ engine? thanks
  5. Hello all Swingarm on DT (square type) is rusted through. Does anyone know if any of the other square/ box type arms will fit like the 125 etc? I guess the shock would be different. Im struggling to find a 175mx box rear swing arm thanks
  6. Cheers all, the top stud has already been welded (an has a snapped stud for good measure too). The plan was to get it filled/ welded then tapped so thanks for confirming Just need to get on with it now Also, I will make a request but im looking for any DT175mx parts, when i got the bike it was basically bare an needs most things, so if anyone has anything please let me know thanks
  7. Just removed the barrel from my original crusty DT engine, shotblasted it in work as it was full of all sorts of crap. someones "handy work" 8O Just measure the width of the bore an its 66mm can anyone do the maths an tell me if a rebore is availalble I did just find this on the Wiseco site 471M06600 $128.00 66.00mm STD 471M06650 $128.00 66.50mm 0.50mm 471M06700 $128.00 67.00mm 1.00mm 471M06750 $148.00 67.50mm 1.50mm 471M06800 $148.00 68.00mm 2.00mm So maybe its on its original piston? thanks
  8. ah nice one thanks, they both are thin on the ground so at least having both available makes it a bit easier I need to replace my shock so thats no biggie... thanks
  9. Hello all Some may remember me from awhile back, basically was given a DT175MX - in a very bad way. Plan was to slowly get i back to a usable condition, for greenlaning etc Anyways, I have started to strip it down forks are removed - not yet split engine removed partly split swing arm is a write off, its rusted through in places an is now like a spider web, my question is....Mine has a box section (square) swing arm, could i fit the round tubed swingarm? either seem to be as rare as hens teeth - do they all rot or something??
  10. mudcow007

    Stuck Barrel

    Cheers for the replies, my uneducated guess its the whole deal is locked solid - i also think its stuck in gear aswell as you couldnt move the selector etc... The engine its attached to is toast with the only things i need to keep from it is - side casing and barrel.... I made a puller/ pusher, like yours attached to the barrel studs, but stupidly i was trying to push off the piston - rookie mistake i know, but didn't know what else to push/ pull off with it all being ally the engine had sat in diesel for 2 weeks prior to me attacking it possible thoughts now are, seeing as the piston is now goosed, if I try an remove as mush as the piston as i can avoiding the barrel at all costs, could this relieve the strain?
  11. mudcow007

    Stuck Barrel

    For the love of god, has anyone got any ideas how i can release my barrel from my truly rust engine please? I made a puller that attaches onto the rocker cover bolts then tapped an 8mm bolt so it coudl be wound down to press on the piston to "pop" the barrel off. I thought it sounded good in principle, all i managed to achieve was a 8mm hole in the piston I then tried to reinforce the piston with the only thing i had to hand - a 50p coin, retried an ended up with a 50p with a 8mm hole through the middle any thoughts??
  12. Nice idea, but i fancy a trialee - I have a couple of mates with ktms that dop endurance rides/ races who constantly moan about the weight of their bikes...i fancy trying to compete against em on the old trusty rusty Anyways.... Replacement/ donor engine has arrived an looks a million percent better than mine. Think i will just swap the case over with the number (so they all match), It even still has its oil pump installed Notice on the top of the piston on the new engine its stamped "100" i'm guessing that is 1.00 so its been re bored at somepoint - what 2 stroke hasnt though?!
  13. heres what condition mine is in its only £50, even if i can just use the left hand case, generator etc, its in better condition than mine - which isnt hard im hoping out of 2 rotten apples i can make one good..?
  14. Cheers Cynic, all the seller has said is "Engine numbers are missing/ unreadable" here is a pic from what i was sent it looks to be in a damn site better condition than mine...
  15. Ah thats a point, I will find out.... The cases arn't split but there is damage to the right hand case (crack underneath) an looks like the number has been ground off at some point - im told
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