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  1. Tried google again, but this time drilled down into the results further and well, the Haynes manual is right, both the cv and teikei carbs use the same fuel level ( 11-12 mm below carb body interface) although the manual doesn't mention the xt having a slide carb in 86-87! so ive lowered the fuel level to 12 mm , raised the needle one notch to richen it slightly and all is well.
  2. Superb Jimmy, excellent diagram and I've saved the link too ! Thanks, brilliant.
  3. I wish I could! Heading down to Dorset in the camper and we leave sat morning. Really bad planning I know
  4. Thanks for your help, I'm waiting for the new seal and then I'll do some fuel level / height checks once it's off. Dave
  5. Thanks, great tip regarding using the jet depth as a guide, I've never heard of that. Cheers
  6. I have an '86 tk carb on a later bike but can't find float height for it. It seems to be above the float bowl to main body seal ! It therefore leaks and I'm going to change the seal next week . I'd just like confirmation that the level can sometimes be above the gasket, I've never come across that before. Thanks in advance, Dave ps. I'm going to put a small washer under the needle to richen it rather than changing the jets.
  7. Sorry for the absence, I've been struggling with the website security questions ! The bike is only for road use and therefore has (Avon!) Road riders on. My wife generally rides it but we also stick it in the motorhome for hols and I ride it two up. So, ideally want a single disc set up, but not a 2 disc type converted to one as I imagine that would be too grabby also. Rather than scour the Internet trying to work out what's suitable I assume one or two of you have done something similar ? Thanks in anticipation Been looking at kawasaki ER5 brake system (complete) on eBay, might have a punt !
  8. I'm wanting to fit a better front brake and wondered what options there are. I don't want to totally overwhelm the front end so maybe a cbr600 caliper but then I'd need a different master cylinder, so maybe not ! Any suggestions please!
  9. As it says really, we're going to use the bike two up so in desperate need of rear brackets, I can probably fit any type of peg, I'm happy to borrow them , copy and return if necessary. Please help, I'm in West Yorkshire, Dave
  10. Scrub that ! It looks like maybe an '86-'87 model carb, I have to decide now what jets I want as I'm doing the exhaust ( hole cutter) and air box mod, hmm!
  11. It looks like I've bought an 225 with a 350 carb on it, has anyone heard of this as a mod or am I just unlucky ? If there's any experts on the 350 I'll post some pictures, I've looked for the stamp code and can't find a thing, help, please, Dave
  12. Bit of a wild shot this but I need the rear footpeg brackets for my serow and would therefore like to borrow a pair and get some made! Can anyone help please ? Dave, Mirfield. 07793662919
  13. Right, I don't really want to do another strip, it's summer and we all have things to do ! I'll buy larger pilot and see what happens, thanks for badgering me.
  14. I'll check the left hand seal again this weekend more thoroughly and then maybe strip it, or sell it !
  15. I'm in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, I looked at the link, great idea, if you're not local ( I don't mean will you do it !) I could make one myself. Just a thought, wouldn't the gearbox oil froth up (and burn) if the right hand seal was leaking ?
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