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    My kids are my life, other than that its bikes, travels and making smiles...obviously if all can happen at once all the better :)
  1. Just did a very quick look on ebay mate and theres sr engines going for £150-£350...seen a couple of cylinder heads on there as well...plenty of them knocking about joe...so hopefully will be alot cheaper than getting all that work done.
  2. Just down the rd from me matey...ima caterham bod :-)
  3. Depending on how you want thwm to be seen (ie minimal fixings...bulky whathaveya) depends on how hard its gonna be...if ut handy with a welder (migg not spot) then u can do a bracket that bolts on...if you wanna go the quick route you can bend some steel...matt black it and drill and bolt it in place...if ya wanna chrome any fixing...most places charge a minimum so find something u wanna chrome on top...ie pannier bars...whatever
  4. 1...hello would be nice....2...why would you need to...3...and most importantly if you would like some response on this forum a littlle etiquette would be nice...introduce urself on the new members forum..tll us a lil about urself and ur bikes and u MAY get a little helpful tips...trust me from a forum newbie
  5. Hi CB...welcome...as long as u aint got birdflu ur gonna be ok...plenty of help, tips and recipes on her to cure most things
  6. Welcome to the crew SF...complain about the weather and you will fit right in wiv us brits
  7. Not much dampness ta rust the chrome... welcome aboard
  8. Your only as old as the bike ya ride on brother...welcome
  9. Welcome xvs brother...where abouts in south london are ya???? And ditto noise
  10. Neversaydie is right there...hard to diagnose without seeing it...but from bitter experience at 0500 on a Saturday morning something very similar happened to me...round a corner...hit a drain...chang chang chunk..chain off and buggered sprocket...unfortunately it was a slack chain coupled with worn sprockets...1st.twas my first bike and a very steep learning curve...other than oil at right levels the chain must be looked after like a bimbo on a pub crawl
  11. Hehehehe...love ur thinking dt...eeeerrrm...thats a new piece of furniture dear...no dear thats not oil...its rhe new airfreshener Thank u for ur iind words brother...I must admit, think me and noise (and most of the guys and gals on here) are of the same mind...if it needs fixing its a puzzle...I love puzzles and would rather figure it out and fix it myself and learn from it than pay through the teeth for someone else ta do it and not learn a thing. Plus its more my bike if I know her inside and out Thx DT
  12. Cough...cough...hehehheehe Learning exactly how you are mate...plus have a mate who knows all u need ta know about maintaining a bike...his has done 180000 and still going strong...prob is I aint got a shed...or garage...am borrowing another mates at the mo...gonna have ta sort it out...maybe get one of those roadworks strippy tent thing and do it on the street...council seem ta love doing it...I might as well :-D
  13. DUUUUUUUUDE...that is a cracking bike...wanna swap??? :-) just looked at the pics but what youve done so far is the nuts mate...makes me feel like a right novice (even more than I am) wiv my issues Then again if I didnt have the mrs and kids then I would be doing the same thing...come ta think of it...if you take the family and mortgage I will take the bike on for ya...just as a favor to u
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