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  1. Local dealer quotes £80 for a key!!!! I will chase up the place I got it from
  2. I think that is unfair as I was not being sarcastic, the "" was to highlight the idiot lights you mentioned which I found amusing.... Thanks for your advice which I will be taking on board.
  3. 12 watts/12 volts = 1 amp The fuse to the lighting is 20A which equates to 240W so I would have to have a lot of "idiot" lights to get to that limit I guess? I do intend now I know where I can get the 12v needed for the lights to fit a fuse in place. My next job before I fit the FI2000 then when the weather clears a bit I can ride it and test it.
  4. I have fitted two 6W LED spot lights to the bike took the power from inside the headlight housing works a treat and a low load wont hurt things. I got these way back in October last year on a trip to the US and intended fitting them on my old VL800 never got round to it, they come with 55W bulbs but I swapped them out for the LED ones. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Optronics-55w-Pair-Driving-Light-Kit/16680058
  5. It will still be lifting the engine not the frame... Thats the problem I have I use a bike trolley jack but the engine is just below the two frame spars so it will be lifting the bike from the engine... Unlike my old VL800 which lifted on the spars as they were below the level of the engine
  6. Makes sense I will get my woodwork apron out
  7. I have a trolley jack that I used for my VL800 Volusia, I was considering using it for when I do work on the XVS as it has the two chassis rails for the jack to sit under. However looking at the rails it seems the engine block is a bit lower than the rails so the jack would be lifting from under the engine rather than on the rails. Is this ok, might be a daft question but wondering how others use (if they do) a trolley jack image here
  8. White vinegar is very good for plastic chrome, dont use abrasive things like Autosol on plastic chrome it actually makes it dull! This link gives a good method of using it.
  9. To be honest I dont know if it has baffles in... I guess so as the guy fitted them new and I assume they come with baffles?? Today ordered a K&N air filter and bought a FI2000 off eBay for £85 so that should sort the pipes and air filter set up nicely.
  10. Some images of my new beast, I have named Dark Star it is a 2013 bike with 1400 miles on the clock. I have added luggage although the rear bag is for long journeys ..its a bit big! Speedometer Cowl, saddlebag supports, tank pad and chrome trim on tank seam, other than that I am happy with it as it is maybe a riders back rest?? Wonder what other users think of the back rest? I have always had Suzuki cruisers, VL800 and M800 so its a step away from those with the XVS but I do like riding it seems a lot smoother and the floorboards a better position (more forward than the VL800)
  11. Thanks for the reply, the non Yamaha dealer said the original owner could not find the spare key... Shame as the original owner had kept the original pipes and lots of documentation on the add on's he had fitted to the bike, I guess he just misplaced it which happens. I will contact the local Yamaha dealer and see if they can get me a new black key and program it. Not cheap I guess..
  12. Just bought a 2013 XVS950A it has the red key and one black one, what I need to know can I buy a new black key if so where from and how to programme it? Can the red key be used as a black key if needed or is it just for programming the black keys? Many thanks Tony
  13. Hi Cynic, thanks for the advice much appreciated, I have got a service manual on CD which shows the wiring diagram, just got to work out best place for the lights now :O)
  14. I wanted to fit two extra running lamps at the front, does anyone have a wiring diagram on file so I can see where I can connect them to please? Many thanks Tony
  15. Hi all, I used this forum when I had a XJ6F which I sold on and went back to cruisers, missed them and having always had Suzuki's M800 then 2 vl800's well 3 I guess I bought my original one back after selling it 9 years ago! Well decided that it was time to try something more modern but stillin cruiser clothes so I have bought a 2013 Midnight Star XVS950A with just 1400 miles on the clock, looks great and a bit more minimalistic compared to my dressed chrome armchair Volusia. Cobra pipes and a screen are the only extras and I am looking forward to learning the heel and toe shifter!! I will no
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