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  1. if i was in your situation i choose a wr450 f , because its shape is modern and it is very WILD !!
  2. thank you Airhead , finally i fix it ! and now enjoy it.
  3. unfortunately this country is IRAN !!!! we are in boycott ! anybody who are in this job have a good gain . and moto parts are very expensive. . . in our country the 2 stroke motorcycle are illegal. and government dont permit them to traffic. and just the motorcycles up to 250 cc having the permit to traffic and having a number (license plate). a year ago the police take my 2009 honda cbr 1000 and dont give it back to me, they said this is illigal and you dont permission to go in the city or anywhere!!!!!!!!!! damn to this country.
  4. finally i bought a (yamaha fabric) new cylinder and piston ring with 500 $ and set it to my moto, NOW IT WORK !
  5. thanks you a lot friend, i wish i learn anything from my friends over here.
  6. hi i'm so happy because i'll be with you and use your Xprience and i find a club that i search for it. . . . i'm from iran. is anybody from iran?
  7. thank you so much NEV. i said your words to my brother, and now im waiting for his answer. best regards.
  8. thank you but dear friends , now, i really want a cylinder block and piston for my bike.. do anyone know where i can buy them? my brother is in toronto,canada. he can buy them for me and send them to me.but he said couldnt find cylinder and piston for my 1992 dt200wr in their city. do you know how he can buy them??.i dont find anything in the internet.
  9. yes your right bro, but i take lanza piston from my friend and set it in cylinder and i see work it !! some of repair man said to me that lanza and wr have same engine but lanza is 230 and wr is 200.
  10. yeah i can use.. thank you friend for this pdf. do anyone know where i find and buy my motorcycle parts , like piston and ring and etc.????
  11. Name: Yamaha DT200 WR (1992) Date Added: 02 November 2012 - 11:57 AM Owner: fazl_gh_68 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  12. ooops!.....thank you for giving link but this site is filter in this DAMN country ( iran )
  13. if a member can help me, plz help me,, thanks a lot from you .
  14. i plished the cylinder wall and use another piston. the piston and ring that i used is the yamaha dt LANZA's piston and ring. now when i starting the engine the ring starting to noising. what i do to cutting of the noise.? thanks for your offer.if it possible for you explain me for use oversize piston and cylinder? which cylinder and piston i used.? thank you
  15. hi to all dear member . . i'm a university student from iran. 2 months ago i bought a 1996 DT200WR (3XP) in my country by paying 2000 $. 2 day's ago i changed its candle( or spark plug). today its candle fused in cylender and wrecked piston and create a strip in cylender wall. i changed it piston and polishing the cylender wall.but now ring of piston having bad noise in cylender ( jiggly in cylender.) Now i want to buy a cylender( no piston just cylender). but in our country this part is very expensive. i want to buy from other country. do you now where this part is selling? please help me.i really want your help. thank you very much
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