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  1. Hi Shaun, I've got a 2010 XJ6S, I like to reset my trip-o-meter every time I fill, so I can keep an eye on where I am fuel usage wise. I like to refil on 1 bar, though as previously mentioned it'll flash when it gets down to reserve. I've done 15 miles on reserve and still had 2 litres left in the tank. It's meant to be a 17 litre tank, when I fill on 1 bar I usually put in about 13 -14 litres, for this I get about 140 miles of town riding. When I get to go for a blast, the mpg goes through the roof. I've no idea what I get on a long cruise, I got the jitters and filled up on about 140 miles, though I had plenty left in the tank. Hope some of that is useful
  2. Hopefully not too late. Signed 13,000 signed now
  3. Had my XJ6S since new (Oct 2010) and am still in love with it. It's my first proper bike and so far has done me well. We've been to Devon and back (400 miles round trip) a couple of times, some cracking pleasure runs but it was bought more as a commuter donkey. It gets used in all weather and hasn't let me down. Just thought I'd pitch in with my tuppence worth
  4. So, problem solved. The bulb housing pops out with a little 1/4 turn anti clockwise. No drama You lives and learns.
  5. Hi Tone, Unfortunately I haven't. I'll give the nearest a call. I should have thought of that first I suppose )
  6. Cheers for the welcome. Blackhat - I'm afraid not. It's the red and white half of North London all the way!
  7. Hi all, I've got a quick and stupid question: My Auxiliary light bulb popped the other day. I've checked the handbook for detail of how to replace it, but it doesn't give anything constructive. The big question is, once I've got the cowling off, how the buggery do I get the old bulb out? I've had a fiddle but no joy thus far. Any help gratefully received.
  8. I joined this forum ages back but never got around to introducing myself. Better late than never. I moved from the dull world of twist and go to proper bikes 3 years back now and utterly love my XJ6S. If I have to go somewhere without the tribe, it'll be me and the Divvy. We've had some long trips (Surrey to North Devon and back), plenty of commutes and blasts out to Box Hill and of course, the Hindhead Tunnel. Other loves (aside from the family), fine ale, loud and heavy music and footy. Cheers
  9. MikeV

    Yamaha XJ6

    I've got a XJ6S (2010) and love it to bits. It's my first bike (after several years of scooter ownership) and does everything I want it to and adds plenty of fun into the bargain. I learnt on an Kawasaki ER5 then a XJ6N, so I've not exactly got much in terms of bike variety. As for buzzing, not noticed any on mine
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