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  1. choco

    R6 vs FZ6S

    an R6 as a first bike??? get the FZ.....you'll be much happier in the end. the R6 is very throttle happy, and uncomfortable for commuting.
  2. tick over? you mean the exup noise??
  3. true, but we dont call them alternators. magneto may be a more appropriate word, but its commonly a stator.
  4. it may be symantics, but its called a "stator", not alternator. and that is where your problem is at.
  5. fresh after the rebuild this winter...
  6. its not like this information is difficult to find.... power curves have been published long ago. you'll find differing information depending on the type of dyno and location of the test (think elevation), but it shouldn't be more than a couple hp in either direction.
  7. choco

    Custom Mapping

    i have the same, micron CF. maybe 1-2hp with no mapping, maybe 3-4 with mapping. unless your trackin it, the results are minimal and not worth the investment IMHO....but if ya already have the PC3, just get the standard micron map and upload. custom mapping is better if you have several mods....v-stacks, slide stops, AIS mod, full exhaust..etc....
  8. choco

    R6 for a short arse

    going down 2 inches is fairly drastic, so no doubt that has something to do with it....did you lower the front to compensate? a proper set-up of the forks will help greatly in any case.
  9. i think the 03-04 R6 forks are direct bolt-ons, but the brakes could be different.
  10. choco

    07 r6s

    the genII r6's are notorious for high-rev power....of which there's plenty. there are a few easy and cheap mods to bring out the low end, like a 520 with gearing reduction, V-stacks, +4 timing advancer just to name a few. I mostly commute and pleasure ride as well, and it is a fantastic bike on the street. The seating position is more vertical than the gsxr's, which puts more of the weight on your shoulders rather than the wrists. Maintenance is fairly straight forward and easy as well. all the big 4 600's will perform the same on the street, so you wouldn't notice much difference.
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