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  1. Smitty

    My own red button

    Well i now have my own little red button to play with, it's an old 93 across. good learner for me, got it from a mates family so i know it's been looked after. I know i took my time, but i wanted to wait for the work load @ uni to calm down because i new i'b be out constantly looking.
  2. Smitty

    for fuck sake

    Do u think the 'yamaha only' (although not everyone here has a yam i know) scare people off?
  3. Smitty

    April Fools Bike

    Talk about a thread comming back from the dead. (oh and it was a cbr image i used so its 'not apropriate' lol)
  4. Nice find, me want one
  5. Smitty


    Was it you? Were u speeding? Or did they follow someone else and then catch up to you and think you were him?
  6. Well it's just plane odd, it would ruin some of the fun but i reckon it would be a hoot. http://www.indycycleonline.com http://www.indycycle.net
  7. http://home.aanet.com.au/adam/GSXR1000dog.wmv
  8. Smitty

    Thinking of an r6

    I've heard most sport bikes suck for 2 people
  9. Smitty

    Thinking of an r6

    Search and you shal find. http://www.yamahaclub.com/forums/index.php...wtopic=3002&hl= (it also helps when u started the thread lol)
  10. Smitty

    Funny Advert

    I always see big boys vids posted on any type of forum lol. Great site.
  11. Smitty


    Wanna explain this to a non UK guy?
  12. Smitty


    Take That! Run Badbwoy!!! Run while u still can!
  13. Smitty


    I should of looked on the side first
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