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  1. From Ipswich: The A12 and A120 are great for some fast dual carriageway riding because there's no speed cameras. And then for some B-road fun come off at Braintree and go up the B1053 all the way to Saffron Walden - all the B-roads around there are pretty cool. I've only just started going on these roads myself, great turns but there tends to be a little to much traffic for confident blasting.
  2. Steve-o

    What Petrol??

    It gets even worse when im riding through the city, i'm lucky t get 90 miles out of a tank, I'm too scared to work out what the mpg is then!!!!
  3. Steve-o

    What Petrol??

    54mpg ????? are you sure? My R6 does 110 miles until my fuel light comes on. So that means that i'm doing 27mpg. Are you sure your calculations are correct and that your not including the reserve 2.5L in your maths? Or is there something seriously up with my bike??!?!?haha. That 110 miles is when i'm thrashing it, but I only ever thrash it!!!!
  4. Steve-o

    What Petrol??

    I don't seem to notice any big difference between different manufacturers' super, am i'm certainly not going to ride past a Shell when i'm nearly empty just to get to that BP a few miles further down the road. I only ever use super unleaded, its what superbikes were designed to run on, so never put 95 in it, it won't like you for it. I havn't tried any of the 101 octance stuff yet, but I just don't think its worth it unless your going on track. Steve
  5. Hi, I don't know about any meets, but I live in London and regularly ride up into East Anglia for a day of B-road thrashing. If you want to meet up anytime that'd be cool. Ill be in the Huntingdon area riding the B660 tomorrow if you can make it that far west. Later. Steve
  6. Hi Matt, Here's a pic of my R6 with my Micron oval can on it. I've only had this bike for a few months and this can came with it. I'm really pleased with it, as I have riden the bike with its standard can on just to see what the diference was. There is a small power increase for sure with the Micron, but the main difference is the noise and looks. I'm never riding anything with a standard can again! If the bike hadn't come with the Micron I would have gone for a Yoshi Tri-Oval or Termignomi though for sure, and probably a carbon one just to match it up nicely with the frame. As for indicators, i'm getting a set of LED Tips, they look sweet and can be seen from the side - safety first kids!!!!!
  7. Hi, I used to live in the Huntingdon area, but these days i'm down in London. But i do tend to ride up to there most mondays and the occasional weekend mainly to ride the B645 and B660 west of Huntingdon - easily the best roads i ever found in the county. If you havnt riden them then i seriously suggest it!!! Anyways let me know if you fancy going for a blast sometime. Steve p.s. congrats on the new ride man, how you finding it so far???
  8. Steve-o

    Custom Mapping

    Hi Everybody, I've just bought a Micron can for my '03 R6 and i'm wondering whether its worth getting the bike correctly mapped. Does anyone know how much power and torque gain i'm going to see by getting it mapped. And where is the best place near London to get it done. Cheers Steve
  9. Steve-o

    The cost of bikes

    I dont want to put you off or anything......but you do seem to have forgotten: petrol, tyres, services, and all that trick kit you're gonna be desperate to purchase immediately. But its not about money mate, that £7300 will be instantly forgotten as soon as you twist the grip on that R6!!! There aren't many feelings better than 0-60 in 3.3 and 0-100 in 7.2 !!!!! BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Cheers for the words mate, Ill probably give the ebay CD a go, but I did hear that they often come with all sorts of viruses on them - so ill open it at work for the first time just to make sure - As for the nemby comment: it was newby mispelt!! Cheers!
  11. Hi everybody, I'm a newby to the forum having just upgraded from my NC35 to a 2003 R6, which I'm absolutely loving, as the following story will prove.... So I've had the R6 for a grand total of 9 days now, and coming home from work last night I was getting bored of dumb ass drivers sitting in the outside lane of the 3 lane section of the A40 and leaving the two other lanes completely free, so I took the decision to undertake the lot of them in the inside lane at a speed approaching 3 figures in a 50mph area. Unfortunately one of these cars turned out to be an unmarked pig in a BMW 5 series. He eventually caught up with me in traffic and pulled me over for what I was totally expecting to be a swift licence removal. However, after showing me the video they took of them doing 85mph and me still becoming a spec on the horizon, a nice little chat about bikes, and then a pat on the back for how gracefully I had accepted defeat when they finally caught up with me, the coppa then told me that he would let me tell him what speed to write down on the ticket. I asked for 69mph (1mph slower than I would need to go to court for) and he accepted. so to sum up; I rode away from the fuzz with 3 more points on the licence, a £60 fine, a massive smile (half relief, half shock i think) on my face, and a new found respect for the fun killing sausage jockeys that are the metropolitan police department. So, has anyone else ever met a nice coppa or is this the only one!?! Steve-o
  12. Hi everybody, I'm a nemby to the forum as I have only just upgraded from my NC35 to an R6 - which is awesome by the way. Anyway, it seems that Haynes havn't got round to making a manual for the 2003-2005 R6 yet so I was just wondering if anyone knows of any other manuals that are about, whether the 99-02 R6 manual is good enough for most things, and whether these £3 service manual CD's on eBay are worth a try. Cheers Steve-o
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