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  1. your in luck http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-RAIDER-XV1900A-CUSTOM-CRUISER-MUSCLE-BIKE-BLACK-/221043473232?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item337737bb50#ht_1921wt_1270
  2. fireman fez


    lmao, got sent this in a pm, *Bikertruelove.com* is established for local biker singles to get together and find their partners.If you are still a single biker,that must be a right place for you to find your right person! sorry pal, getting married in august,
  3. keihin 105 is normally on an old off road two stroke,
  4. bear with me i have two 650's in the garage with venoms on, cant for the life of me remember what size they are, will have a look tomorrow and come back to you,
  5. seriously she clocked out and a bit, it was on the M6 with my mrs following in the car, its common knowledge that speedo's are over clocked on speed, OOO just realized that if dejaveuagain is clocking 80 tops thats not good news as its prob in the region of 75, could be worth balancing the carbs or loosing a few stone only kidding x
  6. Take the other keys off your keyring, otherwise they'll swing back and forth as you ride and scratch your tank paintwork to buggery. +1 on that ...
  7. i mostly trundle around at 60 70 only ever tried it once on the motorway and topped out at 115, and shes completely standard
  8. came across this site, may have been posted before but handy for part numbers. http://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xvs650akakc-1998_model10633/partslist/?model_q=xvs
  9. best colour on a draggy in my opinion,
  10. http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/roadtests/yamaha_v_star_650_classic/index.html
  11. yep deffo a 650 custom, have one myself, same colour, never heard of limited edition though
  12. guys thanks for your input, i've cured it, and you wont believe what it was, i could write a long list of things i tried, i replaced everything, was about to pull the heads off as a last resort, and thought i would put the air filter on just to humour myself, and FOOK ME it cured it i had cleaned all the jets and totally stripped the carbs as initially it was a blocked main jet, started it up and was still the same why didnt i do that 3 bloody weeks ago, so cards behind the bar guys fill ya boots
  13. feel the ride, if you know your bike you should know what she is doing without clocks,
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