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  1. problem solved, just needed brute force and ignorance. and I got big bag of that
  2. Tried everything, nothing worked. Returned headlight got replacment, works fine now.
  3. Hi all, Neutral light on my Dragstar stays on when in gear. anyone know how to check neutral switch?
  4. The lamp will only fit one way but good point.
  5. HI all have just bought after market headlight for Dragstar, Looks great but problem is, when switch is at dip, light is main beam. When switch to main beam, light is dipped. Have tried changing wires over but still same. Any Ideas folks? ......
  6. Hi Everyone, how can I tell if headlight is uk spec? I need to replace mine as its european. Have found second hand replacement. But don't know how to tell if uk spec. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Trying to remove rear wheel for tyre change. Have followed all steps in haynes, wheel still will not move . It looks like axle washer at brake drum side is seized to frame. Any ideas anyone?
  8. Yeah place just up road from me can powdercoat wheels for me , thanks for advice ....Noise
  9. Anyone give me some tips on suppliers of custom parts for 82 xv750?
  10. Hi all my Dragstar wheels are showing some rust on rims and spokes. Has to be said was not easy to see when I bought it few months ago. Sod had sprayed with chrome spray, which rust is now coming through. Anyway lesson learned , does anyone know of good company to get them chromed? Or would it be better to look out for someone selling wheels?
  11. I think balancing carbs would be easier lol
  12. Can you recommend hand held tacho for checking idle speed? rear cylinder runs hot too. so will have to check valve clearances correct and carbs are synchronised
  13. Yes that one had me thinking too
  14. It has remus after market pipes. so looks like rejetting is answer. Will pull plugs to see if its running rich or not. I fitted screen so feels more comfortable. But tops out at 80 on motorway. If anyone can recommend jet kits and suppliers,would be grateful.
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