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  1. Well since coming off the bike in Morocco I have been wondering what to do with it. Even considering just sticking it on Ebay as is and letting it go for whatever. Although underneath with a bit of TLC it is a cracking bike and what with the travels I have decided I really need two bike anyway and this would actually seem to be the most cost efficient option. So I have purchased the main parts as needed. These were originally quoted from a dealer in Burton and the approximate cost was: Left Hand Mirror £46 Left Hand indicator £36 Gear Shift Linkage £58 So a bit of Ebaying later Mirrors Pair with carbon effect £31 delivered 4* Mini clear indicators with mounts £30 Gear Shifter £22 So far saving £57 and also meaning I now have parts to sell of my bike So in the quest for looking at panels I came across UK Fairings I thought it makes sense to replace the lot as being dropped a few times and with the luggage I have carried they are all pretty scratched and tired looking As for colour schemes I really cant think though. Keep the blue? Go to black? Then I found Outrageous Finishes and though hmm I quite like this colour Any views and thoughts on other colour schemes?
  2. Yes thats true. I wasn't thinking lol
  3. Pictures are now done A link to the picture gallery All Pictures Here
  4. Its one thing I am going to have to do although being in the midlands I pretty much have to do it twice. Ride to either end to start and then when I get there ride back to the middle. 13 hours sounds doable but thats with a decent tank range and going some. I reckon on a DT you would want 2 days to do it in. Its got to be around 1000 miles if your avoiding the motorways.
  5. Yes thats in progress. Should have it within the next couple of days.
  6. Finally made it home in the early hours of this morning. I will get a link to some pics up soon.
  7. Well we finally made Marrakech yesterday after riding through some of the worst conditions you can imagine. I think we have had pretty much every season of the year packed into getting down here. Snow, Ice, Rain, Wind, Freezing fog and if we are really lucky then there is even the odd glimpse of the sun. I managed to drop the bike yesterday on some loose gravel going round a left hander. A few scraped and need to source a new Indicator and mirror when I get back to Spain. Still its been good fun getting here and we still have the adventure of getting back.
  8. Tomo

    New Years Resolutions

    Not a thing. I did make some the other year and actually stuck to them. This year I couldn't be bothered.
  9. Tomo

    how fast is fast?

    Yes it all depends on the road. Then if you go fast in a straight line. For example at Santa Pod where its all nice and legal. the more you do it the faster you want to go. You continue to push the boundry. The first time I went over 140 it thought was really fast. Now i could blip up to 160 and want some more. As for twisties. Hmmm thats another story. Must get a track day booked.
  10. Good stuff. I will take a look at that. Thats pretty much a route I have got in mind although doing it in a couple of smaller, 4500ish mile chunks
  11. Thats some great info there. I really appreciate that! Basically we will be setting off for dover the early hours of monday morning. (12/01) We all know it's the wrong time of year really to be doing it but it's the only time we have all got. Just had 2 months leave after getting back from Iraq before starting civilian employment again in Feb. There is another European ride in planning for the summer. Yes I know what you are saying about France being a necessary evil. We were initially looking at something like Plymouth Bilbao so we could miss out France but non of the operators run that route at this time of year. Right going to have a read through that link you posted. Thanks again P.s have you done much in the way of right ups about your XT660Z. I'm thinking of getting one after this ride.
  12. This has been in planning for some time but now the time is getting near and the ferry from Dover to Calais is booked. The R6 may not be the most ideal bike for 5000 miles in 2 weeks but what the hell. I am going to make the most of it and fun is the aim of the game. It looks all in that we will have everything packed into around 6 days in Morocco. This is the rough route Calais - Tours Tours - San Sebastian San Sebastian - Toledo - I hear people often say good things about Toledo Toledo - Malaga Malaga - Algeciras Morocco 1) Tanger - Cefchaouen going via Tetouan 2) Chefchaouen - Fes N13 heading south through Ouezzane and onto Fes or maybe Meknes. 3) Fes onto the N8 south througgh Azrou and staying on the N8 down to Beni Mella. Possibly staying at what wat appears to be a lake due south of Beni Mellal at Bin-El-Ouidane off the R301 4) Taking either a winding route of the R301 or heading back to the N8 and west towards Marrakech 5) Marrakech taking the N7 to El Jadida following the Coastal R320 into Casablanca 6) Casablanca - Tanger Then heading back north Algeciras - Malaga Malaga - Benidorm (Need a few pints) Benidorm - Barcelona Barcelona - Cannes (Maybe so we can take the Route Napoleon (N85)) Not sure how bad the weather will be round there though. Any experience? Cannes - Grenoble via the N85 and onto Dijon The last push Dijon - Home Anyone got any experience of similar? Also looking for input of wild camping in Spain? I just can not wait to hit the road now and start heading south
  13. Alright all. Lookng at getting an XT660R next year then doing a 4500 mile trip across eastern Europe, to Turkey then back via Greece and Italy. Do we have any XT owners on here? How do you think it would cope to the mileage. I am hearing good reports already but I think the more views I get can only help to make up my mind. Over to you. Cheers
  14. Nothing wrong with Fosters or Weatherspoons for that matter. At least you get a pint without having to take out a mortgage. Anyway. Sweet looking bike. Considering one myself. Although due to other circumstances i can't see me changing bikes next year now.
  15. Tomo

    XT Bliss

    Superb pics. Thanks for posting.
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