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  1. Oh well, looks like I'm stuck with it as it is then. My back and neck wouldn't be able to handle the riding position offered by the Thundercat or R6, whereas I'm ok in the sit up and beg position on the Fazer. I suppose I could always go for the XJR for a bit more muscle, but that's just so much heavier to haul around.
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    Fazer Engine

    If a Fazer engine is supposed to be a de-tuned Thundercat engine, how do you go about re-tuning it to get the Thundercat performance?
  3. Go here, these are the people who distribute them to the UK.... http://www.tcpholland.com/indexuk.htm When the page opens, click on YAMAHA, then click on the FZ6 Fazer (second from left on the second row) Cissbury Leathers are one of the cheapest dealer outlets in the UK, http://www.cissburyleathers.com/products.a...2&menu=true Cissbury don't have the FZ6 shown on their site, but no doubt they could get it. another is Flitwick Motorcycles... http://www.flitwickmotorcycles.co.uk However, on the tcpholland website, you will find a UK dealer list with contact phone numbers. Having phoned Flitwick, I found the guy there very knowledgeable about the product and very helpful too. I was going down that route myself, but traded my '99 Fazer for an '03 Fazer that already had the full fairing (and the crash bungs and higher screen) about £500 worth of extras for free
  4. Hi, and yes, I checked the cam chain, nice condition and nicely tensioned. I'm planning on running it up to temperature tomorrow afternoon, to the point where it starts clattering, then taking the lid off and starting it up again and listening to the little whirly bits to see exactly where it is coming from. (images of oil flying everywhere) Got plenty of rags ready
  5. On my 1997 XJ600, I have this annoying clatter, reminiscent of tappet noise when the engine has been running for about 15 minutes or so, but on checking the valve clearances found all exhaust clearances in spec, three of the inlet clearances were too small and one was in spec. I can understand too large a clearance causing clatter, but not a too small clearance, so am confused as to what could be causing the noise. I know that the valve lifters run directly in the alloy head and therefore could cause wear in the head because of the lateral force applied by the cams, but would that wear cause that sort of noise and on an engine that claims to have only done about 25000 miles?
  6. Only just read your post, so you may have sorted it out by now, but valve clearances are: Exhaust - 0.21 to 0.25mm (.008 to .010in) Inlet - 0.11 to 0.15mm (.004 to .006in) I can tell you how to do it all, but it's a bit long to put on here. If you still need the information then pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the full rundown on it.
  7. Because this is England and if you are white and English, you can't get any help, can't say boo to a mouse, can't defend yourself and can't express your religious beliefs. On the other hand, if you are any other race, religion, or a criminal or illegal immigrant, then anything goes. NO, IT'S NOT PC, NEITHER AM I AND I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE WAY OUR SOCIETY IS GOING DOWN THIS PC PATH.
  8. Got it all sorted. Front wheel was out of balance. The workshop guy said that Avon tyres have a habit of losing it like that when worn. Got it all balanced up and it's like a new bike.
  9. Hi Paul Are you sure that it's oil. That's what I thought with my '97 600S - coming from a little pipe that hangs down on the right hand side near the centre stand. That's the air cleaner drain hose. I was advised to take off the air cleaner and thoroughly clean it all out, including the drain hose and that little filter thing that sits half way down it. Hope this helps Tony
  10. You could try here: http://www.tyresalesuk.co.uk/cgi-bin/engin...e=18&Page=2 Assuming you know the exact size/profile as I have seen various sizes quoted on the web. What has it got on at present? What does the owners handbook say?
  11. Hello all. Just found this site whilst searching for answers to the nightmares that I am having with my bike. I have a recently acquired 1997 XJ600S Diversion and the handling is scary to say the least. At low speed (below 40mph) it feels like the bars are trying to oscillate when riding in a straight line. Any road surface irregularity will set off handlebar oscillation. The back end feels like it is constantly weaving from side to side. It is about ten times worse in the wet. Tyres are Avon HKM with pressures set 33/40. Rear tyre has slightly flat profile, obviously from lots of commuting by previous owner, but still plenty of tread left. Rear shock set on second highest setting. (I am quite tall and weigh 13 1/2 stone). Changed the front fork oil to see if that would make a difference, but no change. Has anyone here experienced this sort of behaviour on a divvy? I've never had this with any previous bike.
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