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  1. head gasket gone cry, take it to a garage and sign over a substantial cheque or... buy a haynes manual and do it yerself. make sure you have a knowledgeable mate called dave (can be called other things, but dave seems to work best) within easy reach first time tho, or mechanically unsure, pay someone.
  2. thanks for that mate, but done bucket and shims before - just never seen them this bad bought the bike as a runner to do the rally season, and it went from ok to nowt in a weekend. wondering if theres a special YAM ting going on or not. I have feeler gauges, but would be interested to know i fthe satndard clearance is applicable. Also, a copy of the cam timing diagram or anything else useful appreciated. ultimately, paid £200 for the bike - i fi cant get it running again for £50, its getting torn up and ebayed, wheels are worth £60, and V5 frame is another £80 ta tho Me
  3. Hi all, just had the rocker cover off my 88 xj600, cos it wont start. No valve clearances at all (that'll do it every time). Anyone any idea how they could have got to be this bad? What I really need are the details of the valve clearances and cam chain timings and and any other details or advice thats going to help me sort this out over the weekend. thanks in advance, Mike
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