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  1. Hi, and thanks i will look at the filter and thanks for the link, very helpfull Paul
  2. My 600n 1997 is leaking from a tube near the centre stand, I topped up the oil on Sunday. It was just below upper level marker when I had finished. Took it out a run and filled up with petrol. When I went to leave the petrol station there was a large amount of oil under the bike. Now 3 days later it is still coming out, and the window shows only half full of oil. Any one shed some light on this for me. Thanks Paul
  3. PaulE

    Hood Jeans

    Hi, any one know where in or around the Bath/Swindon Area that sell Hood Jeans, i have seen the mail order site on the net, but would like to have a look before buying a pair. Thanks Paul
  4. PaulE

    XJ600N TYRES

    Ok Thanks guy's looks like the BT's then Paul
  5. PaulE

    Bike Maintenance?

    Hi John, try the JML magic sponge, which you can get from woolies, it gets sticky lables of most things. Just use lots of water to avoid any chance of marking the tank. Paul
  6. PaulE

    XJ600N TYRES

    Hi recently got a xj600n R plate 1998, what tyres are best, i will be using the bike all year round, to commute about 30 miles a day. Thanks
  7. PaulE

    New to Yamaha

    Hi Just picked up a XJ600N on Sunday, after 3 years with a GPZ500. So far i have only done about 250 miles, but lots more fun than the GP, only down side is the vibes at 4k. But as i look on this site before i got the bike, no supprise there. So thanks to all of you who posted as i might have been put off on the test ride otherwise. Heres to many more miles of FUN Paul
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