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  1. I could get 70mph flat out on a flat stretch, cruise at 60mph, only having to drop down the gears for steep hills. I tried one tooth up and one tooth down on the front, but lost out using both at either end of performance, so kept the stock gears gears. The rest of the bike was also stock. I also only used Super unleaded. My own view is that people pissed about with them for little gain, given that the engine is only a 125, pulling a fair weight. They are lovely little bikes

  2. Dont usually buy them buy size, there normally bought  by the bike name/part number etc. Try Wemoto, or Yambits, or EBC, or main dealer. Dont expect them to be cheap, and dont buy used. Your life depends on them. Dont expect it to be easy to get the old ones off either, you'll need patience and plenty of release oil and/or heat. Or you could be lucky and all the screws just pop out

  3. Bad news is my youngest has broken her leg, so Ive had to cancel my holiday that week, as I now have to look after 4 horses and a dog and act as general chauffuer etc. Good news is I might be able to grab a couple of hours that Saturday and ride to the S&C. Im usually finished at the stables around 10.30 so could ride up from there

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  4. Thats the trouble buying second hand stuff, might be as bad/good as what youve got. I think the bike is commonly known as the "Divi". I hear they have a decent owners club, may be worht getting in touch with them, they regularly have a stand at some of the big bike shows

  5. Have a look at the schematic for the bike on the CMSNL web site, might show up something else holding it on. If theres nothing, then leave the puller on pulling, soak it in release oil (or diesel if you not got any) tap the end of the draw bolt every few hours over a period of a few days, and as said above, give it a bit of heat. Sometimes, you need patience with these things

  6. Blackhat has now also reported the problem, which appears to be getting worse, with the blank page visibilty appearing to get longer, and I seem unable to respond to Blackhats report in RANDOM section, nor am I able to contact Alex as it says I am not allowed to message him. Would someone with Adminstration priviliges please report the problem. Thanks. 

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  7. I may be over complicating the matter, but think of it like this. The ECU or whsatever it is that controls the electronic functions of the bike, knows that the fan should not be on until the water reaches a certain temperature. By jumping the fan so that its on, the controller may think that there is a fault with the system

  8. Process of elimination. Has the bike a centre stand? If yes, get it on the stand, remove the sprocket (pulley) cover, spin the rear wheel, see if the knock appears at the same point every rotation of the sprocket or belt. May be some crap stuck on the belt or sprocket, or it may be the belt is damaged and ready for replacememnt. Check to make sure that the sprocket (pulley) is secure on the shaft

  9. Have a gander at this. If its not the right model, just search for the correct one.


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