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  1. Travelling the bike on a trailer in neutral is unlikely to damage the gearbox.

    Occasional neutral to first problems aren't rare, many riders adopt the technique of slipping the bike into first while it is still moving (just before coming to a stop at junctions etc), because the parts are still rotating, it makes it easier to find first gear.

  2. I dont think its possible to change the options as you describe without altering anything 

    I believe that when you turn on the ignition, the sidelights and the nearside dipped beam will come on. The dipped beam will go off when you press the starter, then come on again when the bike is started, and stay on.

    When you go to full beam, the dipped will go off and the offside full beam will stay on, the reverse takes place when you switch back to dipped beam.

    Press the flasher switch and the dipped will go off and offside the main beam will come on.

    I think.

    But, bear in mind that many fazer riders alter both the wiring and the lamps (bulbs) to bring both lights on at the same time. Technically, its illegal, but gives better lighting for nightime riding. 

    Id check the wiring out against standard before doing anything else


  3. Did you book one? I've not been able to log in on here for several weeks but all appears to be working again now. I take the point about sessions being red flagged, I've noticed there are more of them than when I first started trackdays, and I put it down to more riders having lap timers fitted onto the dash/bars than ever before. I reckon they ride around with one eye on the timer, trying to gain every available nano second at the expense of safety/courtesy. There's plenty of examples on Youtube of dodgy over/undertakes at corners. If I see a bunch gathering in front of me, I'll let them get further in front rather than take risks. Its my only bike.

    I was up there again in August and then again Sept 8th, that's it now for this year. 

  4. If successful, thatll give a good gain in HP, but its a fair bit of work to do, and theres always the risk of failure. Youd need to notify insurance, DVLA.  Id have alook at the CMSNL website and compare the parts numbers for the two models before starting, just to check compatability

  5. Two groups, novice/inter and inter/advanced. Seemed to work fine, because it was evening, I got the impression more riders rode there than van/trailered. I was in novice/inters, there were some very fast lads in it too, and a couple of instances of dodgy over/undertakes, but all in all just about right for me. Inters/fast tended to be litre plus/track type bikes. Only one red flag in our group, and the marshalls had the black flag out to a couple of riders early on. Plenty of room in the paddock too. One group on, one group off, so only 20 minutes between the sessions, four sessions each group, first group on at 5.30.

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  6. Dash looks the same as my FZ6 S2. On mine, code ER-1 is "no communication or unreadable communication between ECU and instrument cluster - engine will not run". Causes are " faulty wiring or wiring connector - damaged instrument cluster - damaged ECU". As your instrument cluster appears to have several cracks in the screen, I suggest you start at the cluster.

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  7. I take the fairings (lowers) off my fazer, slip rubber gloves over the exhaust outlets, rinse with cold water, wash with whatever ive got at the time, chammy off what I can get at, then blow dry with the compressor. Leave it a day or two, then cover over the brakes/wheels, seat off, using a low pressure spray gun (5psi), spray all over with ACF50. Leave a day, then wipe off any excess which has formed. I pivot the tank and get underneath that too, all around and under the swinger, get it right into the engine, and particularly the manifold area, as the clamp bolts are notorious for corroding. When that's done, wipe over the brake discs with brake cleaner, take the calipers off and clean the insides with a little detergent and water, red grease the exposed pistons. A fair bit of work, but you can spot stuff that might need doing while you're at it. Chain is blow dried, then oiled up.

  8. Thats a neat little piece of work. I'll bear that in mind if my hands get any worse. Bit of arthritis, but plagued with trigger finger at the moment, and cant get either an NHS or private session to correct it in the foreseeable future. But I'm countin my blessings as so far we're covid free

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