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  1. If you cant get the nut to unscrew, in the past ive successfully cut similar things off. Used a thin cutting disc (1mm) in a grinder and carefully cut down the length of the nut until I could just see the tops of the thread, no more. Sometimes, the tension in the metal will spring the threads apart, sometimes Ive had to cut down the opposite side too. Done carefully, youll not cause any damage

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  2. 10 hours ago, Snakebite68 said:

    There's that possibility, but, since mine doesn't work (no resistance) at all, anything that is listed as 'working order' will be better than mine! lol

    Would that happen to be the Z-Series?
    My problem is I know bugger all about shocks. The YSS site says the Z-Series is the one for the Ace, but mine has an external can, the Z doesn't, does that matter?

    Thats still a gamble with your money, cos you wont know its in working order till its on the ace. If its an original one, its likely to be 20+ years old and will require a service (if it is serviceable).

    The Z series YSS for the ace (MZ506-345TR-11) is adjustable for preload and rebound. I believe the originals were also adjustable for compression. I haven't looked, but I suspect you could have a replacement Nitron, adjustable for all three, for 3 times the price of the Yss. Unless you're raggin the Ace on track, that may not be cost effective.


  3. Trouble is buying a used item is it may be as bad as the one you currently have, so thats money down the pan. As for servicing a 23 year old shock, you might struggle to find takers and that may cost as much as a new replacement. A quick web search revealed a YSS new one for £250

  4. I had a similar problem a few years back. Fractured my lower spine, and found that I could no longer ride the Virago750, as I felt every bump up through the spine. Sadly, I sold it and bought a bike with a more forward riding position, which solved the problem for me as the spine was no longer straight upright and the "load" could be taken through the hips.

  5. Those nations with oil under their land will continue to extract it. Can you ever imagine the middle eastern nations not doing so? It is there only source of finance, without which, the Sheiks wont be able to keep the lid on the various historical hatreds within their borders. Same for those with coal reserves. Its all smoke and mirrors. We'll continue to burn fossil fuels, but be taxed into poverty to due so, with the revenue raised going into carbon sink/cleanup/tree planting etc etc, just to stay where we are now.

    Lets melt the southern ice cap, theres an island underneath bigger than Australia, almost unlimited supplies of coal and oil just waiting to be dug out😀 and we own a slice of it

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  6. Hmmm. Im a little sceptical too. Trying to tax us to stop using fossil fuels just as its all starting to run out anyway, cutting down the very forests that we need to absorb CO2 to plant palm oil trees to make ethanol, still building houses without solar panels, no plans to capture the water that falls from the sky to ensure consistent supplies in the anticipated hotter climate.

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