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  1. Two very different bikes. The MT-03 for commuting and the xt660 for longer rides. The MT-03 would be limited for longer riding, so Id go for the xt660. Make sure that you sit on and try both bikes first for comfort

  2. Of have no experience of this bike, but as a member of the Fazer Owners Club (FOC UK), I have seen numerous threads on that site referring to the 7K exup fault. I f I recall correctly, you would have to refit all of the missing parts and then reset (ie zero) the servo motor. It also has to be spotlessly clean and completely free to rotate. You may wish to have a look on there for the FZS1000 Fazer 7K exup fault code

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  3. If it was running when you took it in, the place you took it to re-built the carbs, fuel now leaks from the carb feeding the front cylinder then I would suggest to you that the person who undertook the carb re-build has an obligation to correct the leak and get the bike running

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  4. As for the engineering work to remove the old system, you will need to be skilled at drilling out and removing old,seized stud remnants, and will require much patience

  5. As long as its motorcycle oil you should be ok. Car engine oils have different additives in them. I suppose if the bike has been run on mineral oil for years, there may be a chance of a slight difference in noise, possibly a bit of clutch slip too as the friction material will be contaminated with mineral oil

  6. I converted my FZ6 S2 Fazer to hydraulic 4 or 5 years ago. I found the cable system heavy, particularly when going up and down the box eg in heavy traffic etc. I purchased a Magura conversion kit from Venhill and I reckon it reduced the load by two thirds. Performance wise, it has been absolutely faultless and maintenance free so far. Youd have to check to see if one is available for your machine. 

  7. Look closely at the old bearing. Sometimes the clearance is marked onto the races, e.g. C1/C2/C3, and someitmes the clearance is indicated by a number of circular marks like this OOO (C3)> I fyou cant idnetify it, then just bite the bullet and buy genuine, that way there is no doubt. The cost is negligible over the lifetime of the bearing.

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