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  1. swanny

    max loads

    back upto 101 today.. i work next door to macdonalds.. not good !
  2. cant be a learner bike or else all though mods would be pushing it wayyyyy past 12bhp.. and i know from experience once you can have bigger than 12bhp.. you geta decent sized bike.,.
  3. hullo Jo. Local lass Bolton lad myself.. sweet biuke wish they had them when i was 17 haha.. i had to make do with a gs125 becasue i couldnt afford the prilli insurance.. welcome aboad
  4. swanny

    max loads

    its ok.. its my french translation thats gone off the mark.. basically its 90kgs - maximum weight.. I was worried then.. For the record im only 99.5kgs.. reweighed myself today..
  5. hello my exup cable is broken and ive got my replacement.. problem is the other cable thats there goes between the engine and swingarm.. and my new cable wont fit... any ideas ?? Mark
  6. swanny

    max loads

    its an fzr1000 and it says it under the seat... that cant be right can it im not too fat to ride
  7. swanny

    max loads

    ok my bike states it has a maximum load of 90kgs.. i'm 102 kgs.. ?? im worried.. Mark
  8. swanny

    selling stuff

    well i want to be able to list something for sale.. but when i try to post it comes up with not authorised..
  9. swanny

    selling stuff

    its still not for letting me reply
  10. Only five defining forces have ever offered to die for you: 1. Jesus Christ 2. The Canadian Soldier. 3. The British Soldier. 4. The US Soldier, and 5. The Australian Soldier One died for your soul, the other 4 for your freedom. you notice they all have British ancestry.. Makes me feel sick the abuse these people get.. its horrible. My Grandads were navy and their dads before them. Unfortuanlty i couldnt join the armed forces for medical reasons and when i found out. ( by not passing medical ) i was ona downer for WEEKS.. Some people ( and not the some becasue it is very easy to tar people with the same brush ). Are just parasites who will scam all they can and give so little back..
  11. swanny

    how fast is fast?

    tbh as a few have said.. but its how quick is a bike.. things that i notice are how fast you can get out of tricky situations on motorway commuting.. how noticable the bike is if its fun to ride that fast.. Im stuck witha choice for bikes between an fzr1000 and a zzr1100.. both fast bikes and a little bigger than i need but someone i know is selling them both cheap.. my mate has a gsxr1000 and his missus hasa gsxr600.. he is faster.. ( higher top end ) hers is a hell of a lot quicker.. (more usable power and handing means that down country lanes.. you just see her going off in the distance.. ) I used to have an er5.. and ive once been caught behind someone on an r1.. becasue at the end of the day they cant use that power round country lanes.. he caught upto me a few miles down and wanted to know what i had done to my ikle er5.. to be riding so quick on it.
  12. think im more confused now lol.. theres some with the wires coming out and then some without..
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/YAMAHA-FZR400-FZR-40...A1%7C240%3A1318 does anyone know what the wire does ?? thanks in advance ?>?
  14. Hello im after a digital ignitor for my bike.. uive got one off ebay for the fzr400 and its totally wrong.. so how do i know whciuh model is the right one ? Mark
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