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  1. WR250

    want want want

    i want a WR450F 2008 or 09 model thats all.
  2. WR250

    CBT Exam

    if you are unsure about any of it, give the people you are doing your training with a ring, they will tell you all everything you need to know. + it will all be bang up to date info. or just ask on here, lots of knowledge on here.
  3. just noticed ive already posted on this thread! thought i had but when i looked i couldnt see the first one drrrrrr! wish you could delete posts on here.
  4. NO! .......i'd have give her what for!!
  5. WR250

    250 or 450

    cheers, i was thinking new, but thats just cus of knowing the history and the one i fancied only came out this yr, etc etc il take a peek at the TTR's
  6. WR250

    250 or 450

    thanks for that, tbh, i dont think the 450 is street legal here in the uk either, as its the F, they dont do it in the R or X versions. the slightly off putting bit about the 250R is the black frame etc, as ive seen it in silver and prefer it, but i think the R uk version has black.
  7. WR250

    250 or 450

    just looking at getting my first bike for off road/ also daily commute (short journey to work) so, im going with the WR im thinking the 250r or can anyone comment on the WR450, which would do me best? TIA
  8. arai condor the blue lightening chequer flag type design
  9. WR250

    dk motorcycles

    doesnt sound very good.
  10. WR250

    dk motorcycles

    thanks, very informative
  11. WR250

    dk motorcycles

    i guess so, i just always go on the "if its too good to be true, it is" train of thought, ... and a thousand quid cheaper than anywhere else seems that to me.
  12. id be interested to hear your views on the WR250r i want one, but would change the exhaust, take off the number plate plinth, change the indicators etc etc, have messed about with a photo to get one how id like, but dont know how to post pic's up. seems abit of a `PITA posting pic's.
  13. hello fix, just noticed your thread mate, how are you finding the wr 400? im just looking at getting my first bike sometime b4 next summer, im thinking of a WR250r.
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