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  1. I know what you mean, but, it isn't my screen name either, so, was the closest I could get to its name...
  2. I wa trying to find Admin, but, you guys are not easy to find Cheers
  3. I have seen it is only £10, gonna be on my shopping list for payday
  4. Might be because you have a membership I'll have to look into getting one of those if that is what I need to do Although, been looking around and there aren't many posts of mine I can find from back in 2008 so might as well just make a new profile...
  5. I don't have a tab for "display name"
  6. I joined this forum in 2008 when I was doing my DAS. The "handle" I have I don't want anymore and I was wondering if it was possible to change it and keep the same account or do I need to make a new one? Cheers
  7. Fi dont dybied 'r practical test ewyllysia bod 'n esmwyth , namyn , yn cysidro fel 'n anawdd 'r damcaniaeth test ydy hyn ddiwrnodau Balfala Bydda hychwaneg 'n ail at basio 'r practical 'na Buais 'r damcaniaeth. Lloniannau DHtri
  8. I feel that I will be OK when I am actually on the bike, but, my biggest challenge was doing the theory test as I had not done one in a very long time and they had added a new part, but, as I have passed that I dont think the practical test will be as tough.
  9. I used to watch LOTSW when I was but a nipper. RIP Kathy Staff
  10. Good luck with your Stevie, I found with the HP test the trick was to click a few times for the hazards as you reactions might be faster then the test scorer, lol
  11. Yeppers! I passed today. I am really happy, as I was so nervous about failing the theory test after being a car driver for 6 years. Anyone know a good test centre in South Wales? Cheers P.S. I have noticed I cant spell in the title, it was supposed to be 'Passed my theory test.' Oops...
  12. Does it really shock you? If you are in the 'club' you are always looked after as long and you shut up and do right by the boss. But, also help if you know the silly handshake... lol
  13. Now, before we all fly off the handle about Police 'bashing,' my father is a Police Sergeant, a very good one at that! But, lately the Police 'hiring policy' seems to be letting more and more morons into 'the force.' Maybe it is because anyone in their right mind would not join the Police for warrant of not wanting to be 'castrated' by "political correctness" bullsh*t and assorted H&S b*llocks that seem to run the Police these days. Anyway, there is a reason this rant has been started... Apart from my own instances of seeing the Police using their ‘powers’ unjustly or just being plainly idiotic, this case was something that happened to my mother today; On her way to work my mother has to make a 15 mile journey south to Cardiff, she has a set route she follows as she has found it quickest then other possible routes she has tried. Anyway, this involves going along a two lane road which is ‘broken up’ by a round-about mid-way along it. Usually the traffic flow here is slow, but, constant. So, she is normally through this section in about 5 minutes. Today it took her 30 minutes! Six times longer! And ‘Why?’ I hear you ask… Well, someone had either had tried to take a wrong exit and correct themselves (and failed) or was going too fast around the round-about and had subsequently crashed into the road sign on the raised ‘island’ off the main round-about, but, is used to divide the carriageway as it approaches the round-about. The Police arrived at the scene and instead of directing traffic to keep the morning ‘rush-hour’ traffic flowing they decided to block the lane behind the crashed car with their car and stand around. This meant all the traffic coming in the opposite direction of my mother had to turn right on the round-about. Well, this mean the lane my mother was in had to give way to all the traffic coming from the opposite direction and as everyone was so considerate (!) they jammed up the round-about and let no-one out. But, you got to hand it to the Police officers, when a biker came to the scene and asked if they could squeeze through the gap between the Police car and the car in the road sign they were more then happy to let them through. When my mother got into her work she phoned to try and critic the Police’s handling of the situation she was ‘hung-up’ on four times! When asked to speak to a Police officer (the receptionist was a ‘civilian liaison’) she was left ringing a phone for four minutes and then told to write in… What a joke! Cheers for reading
  14. The practical test I got no issues with, I envisage that I am to be a 'dab hand' on two wheels. I am worried about the theory test because I should pass it with flying colours having done so 6 years ago and being a driver for 6 years, but, if I fail it I'll look like a right t*t!
  15. I might do alright at this afterall. The 50 questions is no issue for me because I have got the official book and it is a p.o.p. to get the answers right and I remember them from over 6 years ago. I just worry with the hazard perception, when I am driving I am not clicking some bloody mouse when I see a hazard, I do something about avoiding it. Who ever came up with this idea for a test has never ridden/driven. Well, because you never 'click' anything when you are driving or riding, you move your hands/feet in accordance with what is needed to be done. Why dont they site you on a virtual bike or in a virtual car and ask you to react as you would if driving? Here is hoping I pass!
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