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  1. G`day, Is it leaking from "tank to tap" or is it leaking from the "lever" on the tap? You are going to have to take it off again so, check the threads, male and female. The seals sometimes differ, so make sure its not too hard, (you know, that new plastic`y kind of stuff- no good) and don`t do it up too tight, as this will have an inverse effect, just firm. I`am unsure about whether you should be using a "sealent" or not. I have done over a dozen tanks and never had to use it. Cheers.
  2. G`day, Is it at all possible you are loosing the mixed full out of the carb and the petrol is evaporating just leaving the oil? Cheers.
  3. G`day, I had this problem with a Beemer and if I took my hands off the bars I would nearly drop it. I, like most of us was thinking of all sorts of fixes, as mentioned previously and more. Like you I also thought of replacing the front tyre, did`nt work. I got on the net and searched, found heaps and heaps of people with the same problem. Most of them fixed the problem with a new tyre, BUGGER, I tried that. BUT, I chose a really good tyre, but not the right one. I spoke to quite a few BMW mechanics and narrowed it down to a handfull of tryes. None of which I had bought. Anyway, I bought another one and BINGO, perfect. I could let go of the bars at any speed and it tracked perfectly. Cheers.
  4. G`day, Before doing all the hard stuff like ripping ya motor appart, did you do all the simple checks first. i.e; I don`t know what bike you have, or how many carby`s, but have you checked those out fully and sync`d them? Is there no air sucking where it should not with the carb or carby`s? Note: You did say "I suspect leaking inlet valves as compression on 1 & 4" there may be something in that, but not valves. You said the timming was ok. It has to be not OK, but perfect. Is the exhaust bedding in properly without sucking or leaking? *Its worth checking little things like that first. One more thing, I know around the world money is a bit tight at the moment, however, it is much better practice to replace a full set of rings on a multi cylinder bike, not in only half the motor. Cheers.
  5. 1St stage Bore and standard piston should be fine with the proper rings, BUT check that it is only the 1St stage. Decoking - I use bench griders of different sizes fitted with wire brushes, (just don`t press too hard) which are great for cleaning up all sorts of tough metals. On the other end of these B/Grinders I have different size cloth wheels which I use for metal polishing. Such as Alloy cases and anything else that need a proffessional polish. Cheers.
  6. beginbush


    P.S One more thing that we often over look, Check your Ignition switch. The switches on these bike are not that good, mine can give spasmodic spark and before I realized what it was, I was only getting spark half of the time. Now I just fiddle the key, just a little and all is well. There are a lot of technical parts that can go wrong of course but check these small issues while your at it. Cheers.
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    Heres a thought. Check out Ebay.uk for the complete workshop manual. Its on C.D. and will cost under 5 pound. I live in OZ and just purchased one. Just waiting for it to arrive. I know this might seem a little basic, but if you don`t turn the petrol off each time you get off, the buggers wont want to start next time. Also just depress the kick starter a bit to get the decompression valve open, then kick. It should be easy, you should almost be able to start it with your hands. Cheers.
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