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  1. lol OG i wouldnt say inferior id say more focused....on hornets, although i do pop in time to time! yes i no a lense is missing should of taken the pic with it on actually seems every ones eyes go straight to it! thanks for the compliments. Shokz no not yet mate, having just forked out for them i cant bring myself to do it yet
  2. iv done loads to it so far it stands: damn good clean, bars, mirrors, belly pan, under tray, rear lights, indicators, brake lines, full service, special twin exhausts very rare, custom made the brakets, cut and polished rear sets the list is as big as my arm for stuff i want to do..
  3. Hey every one hope your well. was just reading through aprils edition of Bike motorcycle magazine and looking through the awsome spec on the new yzf-r1 and would like some one to explain it in simple terms for me just so i can get my head around it! another thing that is pretty cool is that 1 fork leg is for rebound (right) and the other for compression damping (left)
  4. Mikey*DTR

    FAO Goff

    mmmmmmmm i think i just done a tiny sex wee
  5. that sounds like a really good idea but its a inch deep into the igniton it didnt have the curtosy to snap off flush lol
  6. thanks mate il see what i can do tomoz
  7. hello most of you might be aware iv just got a honda hornet 600 and today was my first day out on it restricted after having a really good day i stopped at a service station when i came back i found i had snapped my key ( i no its a honda and im asking for help on a yamaha forum) after a hour of fiddling and fettling the broken half of the key into the igntion i managed to get it started thank god or it would have been a really really long walk! do i have to replace the barrel now? rough cost? or is there any alternatives? any help would be much appreciated
  8. congrats on passing your test mate! go with what your heart says or even better if your dad is feeling nice and gives you his bike bonus! i like the hornet admitadle thats not a bias choice its up to you im sure what ever you pick your enjoy it! i will let you all no how i get on and be popping in time to time read the latest on the yamahas...and put my 2pence in where i can. take car
  9. thanks! i no id been pretty lucky 2 bikes and a car at my age can you tell i still live at home . ohh i will mate dont worry...id hate to prang it i doubt id wana come home if i did lol thanks for the advice! no need to charm the birds the hornet is RED yes that does make it the fastest model!!
  10. will do OG will definatly have to go for a ride with you soon! take it steady mate
  11. Hello every 1 hope you are all ok and looking forward to the start of the good weather. at last iv got my new bike but im sorry to say its not a yamaha so il be leaving you but popping in once and while to say hi as im keeping the dt till june. my new bike is a Honda Hornet cb 600 was my dads bike which i rode a few months ago and loved it and surprisingly he has agreed to give it to me as hes going to hang up his leathers and become a cage driver having had many close calls commuting to work everyday for the past 4 or 5 years about 60mile round trip. so iv been on the insurance all day and got a fair deal which im quite happy with £325 third party only with 1 years NCB with my dad as a named rider. just booked it in to be restricted to 33bhp costing a steep £250 but hey ho.. i managed to grab a really decent bike for nothing so i cant complain
  12. id second the "easy out option" they have always came up trumps for me mate. i no it prob sounds a bit silly but remember *its only a bleed nipple* lol not the end of the world what ever happens..i used to have to be reminded constantly when i do stuff like that. your find the calm steady approach goes smoother than angry annoyed approach good luck
  13. what a total shame sorry to hear that mate hope ur ok and the bike is..so whos fault was it? get well soon let us no how you get on
  14. So did mine remember we spoke about making a thin copper eye shape gasket? i done it and great sucess! no more spewing oil down the cases
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