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2011 YBR 125 gear box not not moving from neutral to first everytime ALL HELP IS VERY APPRECIATED

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Recently bought my first motorcycle, a 2011 yamaha ybr 125. I rode it a bit at the dealership and everything seemed okay; I have since taken it from london to durham on the back of a trailer (unfortunately I left it in neutral which I have been told isn't ideal). It has since developed an issue with the gearbox where sometimes (not everytime) it won't go from neutral into first gear. This is obviously rather dangerous as I can't pull away at junctions and am sometimes left stuck. This is a particularly odd issue as it only sometimes woun't shift gear and the problem becomes more significant the longer I ride the bike; for the first mile and a half there are never any issues. 

If anyone knows anything about what might be causing this behaviour please let me know. Thanks. 

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