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New to Sport Bikes R1 or R6

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Hello, I’m looking to buy a used R1 or R6.  Been riding bikes for over 40 years.  Mostly dirt bikes but also a lot of street.  Currently full sized Goldwing and a KTM 500 dual sport.  Closest to a sport bike has been my FJR 1300 and my FZ-09.

trying to decide between the 600 and 1000.  I can get a 2003 R6 with only 2500 miles for $3500 or an 2005 R1 with 26000 miles for $4000.

Most of my friends say get the R1, I’m just not sure though.  I’m 6’ and 220.  Want the one that I will be most comfortable on.  I’m 52, and don’t plan on hot dogging or stunting.  Maybe try a track day or two, occasional wheelies, but just casual fun short rides around the area. (Pacific Northwest). 

Looking for suggestions and reasons.  Thanks in advance!!

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Welcome aboard Jack, both great bikes. No one else's opinions will be better than your riding them both and see what works best for you. For me I'd get the R1 for general road use, but the R6 will faster round the track for most average riders.

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Welcome Jack and as Alex says cant go wrong with either bike but as a R6 1999 model owner for well since 1999 I say it is the better choice as all round bike my reasoning being you are not as much on your wrists as on the R1. That being said you should go have a fit and a test drive see how you like them.

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